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Looks like it might be help­ful to some: T.E.A.R — Teens Expe­ri­enc­ing Abu­sive Rela­tion­ships That’s from the most recent free e‑newsletter from Daugh­ters, a mar­velous publication/organization. Read the whole issue here (warn­ing: PDF). You can get a free copy of their print pub­li­ca­tion, too! Yes, I like them enough to give them free adver­tis­ing. From their blurb: Finally, […]

Speak Up!

It looks to be aimed at teens, but it’s a pret­ty nice cam­paign, peri­od. There is some nice infor­ma­tion on the site, writ­ten in a very acces­si­ble man­ner. Tolerance.org: Speak Up! Com­mit to respond­ing to every­day bias and big­otry. Sign this pledge, print it out, and place it in your wal­let, book bag, or desk drawer, […]

Bits from the Blogosphere

Via Fem­i­nist­ing, Sum­mers’ posi­tion as #1 Har­vard Ass­hole chal­lenged. This guy is a real win­ner. He claims that there’s “no romance” with­out “mod­esty,” that wom­en’s attempts to achieve auton­o­my cause all of our (and soci­ety’s) prob­lems, and that we’re “low­er­ing” our­selves to “the lev­el of men” sex­u­al­ly! A big fan of dig­ging his own grave, […]

Which Do You Prefer?

My fam­i­ly knows quite well that if they want me to com­pre­hend, much less remem­ber, any­thing late­ly, it has to be writ­ten down. I lis­ten to and enjoy sam­bear’s pod­casts, but I have to get rid of all oth­er input because I can’t han­dle any oth­er input at the same time. I learn best via text. […]

It’s Back

Not an acci­dent, this time: The first new post to Dot_Gimp_Snark: Due to many love­ly requests, not a few bribes, and help from your new mod­er­a­tor, teal_cuttlefish this com­mu­ni­ty is back. Remem­ber the com­mu­ni­ty rules: It’s a dic­ta­tor­ship. If you piss me off, per­son­al­ly, I might kick you out. That’s one of the ben­nies of being a […]

From 43 Things: I Want to Go to the Shakespeare Tavern

I’ve been mean­ing to do it for years. I’ve always heard great things about the per­for­mances and the venue. The fact that Sam’s cousin cooks up deli­cious food there is yet anoth­er rea­son to go. I real­ly pre­fer live the­ater – espe­cial­ly for Shake­speare. It’s how He meant for his works to be enjoyed! See more […]

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