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Looks like it might be helpful to some:
T.E.A.R – Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships

That’s from the most recent free e-newsletter from Daughters, a marvelous publication/organization. Read the whole issue here (warning: PDF).

You can get a free copy of their print publication, too!

Yes, I like them enough to give them free advertising. From their blurb:
Finally, a newsletter
written just for
parents of girls…

“She’s only 10 and already worried about her weight.”

“How can I help her weather the storms of friendships?”

“She used to like math, but now says she’s not good at it”

“How do I talk to her about sex?”

“I’m worried about her– should I read her journal?”

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Raising a girl today isn’t easy.

Daughters®, the newsletter for parents of girls, offers what you need.

Save time with short articles, jam-packed with the latest research and practical tools to improve communication with your daughter:
• understand her see-saw emotions
• gain her trust
• help her during the unpredictable
adolescent years
• enjoy special times as she blossoms
into a strong, confident young

Daughters tackles the tough issues:
• body image
• sexuality & dating
• friends & peer pressure
• communication
• school
• privacy
• alcohol and drugs and more

Every page is devoted to helping you feel better about parenting and helping your daughter become a self-assured young woman.

Think Mothering, in terms of passion for the girls in your life, without having as much of a particular political bent.

Oh. Wow. I just came across their book list for the first time. Honeys, do keep me out of bookstores, except the used ones, okay? Is there a way to block Amazon and the like at the router?

To the universe: why can’t we find the same kind of publication for parents/people concerned about boys?

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