Well, I Got Something Done

I cleared a great mass of papers out today. Okay, there weren’t real­ly that many of them, but they were spread out and men­ac­ing. I did­n’t just stuff them away, either—I actu­al­ly *dealt* with them. I also updat­ed our insur­ance cov­er­age, using the data from all this inven­to­ry stuff I’ve been doing. Next up: updat­ing our wills […]


I was awak­ened this morn­ing by a col­lec­tions call—from a com­pa­ny that I paid on time! Their sys­tem is screwed up, as they admit­ted to me when I called them yesterday—but they STILL sent it to a damned col­lec­tions agency (for what they claim is some­thing 15 days late) to harass me! Some­body is in […]

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