Well, I Got Something Done

I cleared a great mass of papers out today. Okay, there weren’t really that many of them, but they were spread out and menacing.

I didn’t just stuff them away, either—I actually *dealt* with them.

I also updated our insurance coverage, using the data from all this inventory stuff I’ve been doing.

Next up: updating our wills and such.

sambear hung the curtains for the sitting room, and they look great! That corner seems very dramatic now. I’m loathe to move the loveseat, but I’m still considering it.

sambear and I ran across a print a few years ago that featured roundy nymphs bathing in a natural pool. I’ve looked all over and not found it since. I’d love to hang it in here.

I think we need a wall hanging for the bedroom, too.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll have time to hang the bedroom curtains, get some artwork on the walls, and put up some small shelves. I want some new artwork, but I also want to frame the huge backlog of finished stitchery I have, and then I’ll need places to hang that stuff.

We may actually get to do that because we’ve actually gotten the house ready for the filk already! Okay, I haven’t looked at the guest room at all, and I don’t know about shadowkatt‘s room. I’ll have to trust the more mobile members of the family for that.

We always *say* we’re going to get the house ready early, but never have really gotten around to it in the past. So go, us!

The patio, though—well, that needs a little work. It should clean up pretty quickly, though, with a little sweeping. I’m hoping we have cool, not rainy weather tomorrow evening. The forecast says sunny and 79, though, so I’m probably SOL on the cool.

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