Well, I Got Something Done

I cleared a great mass of papers out today. Okay, there weren’t real­ly that many of them, but they were spread out and menacing.

I did­n’t just stuff them away, either—I actu­al­ly *dealt* with them.

I also updat­ed our insur­ance cov­er­age, using the data from all this inven­to­ry stuff I’ve been doing.

Next up: updat­ing our wills and such.

sam­bear hung the cur­tains for the sit­ting room, and they look great! That cor­ner seems very dra­mat­ic now. I’m loathe to move the loveseat, but I’m still con­sid­er­ing it.

sam­bear and I ran across a print a few years ago that fea­tured roundy nymphs bathing in a nat­ur­al pool. I’ve looked all over and not found it since. I’d love to hang it in here.

I think we need a wall hang­ing for the bed­room, too.

Tomor­row, hope­ful­ly, we’ll have time to hang the bed­room cur­tains, get some art­work on the walls, and put up some small shelves. I want some new art­work, but I also want to frame the huge back­log of fin­ished stitch­ery I have, and then I’ll need places to hang that stuff.

We may actu­al­ly get to do that because we’ve actu­al­ly got­ten the house ready for the filk already! Okay, I haven’t looked at the guest room at all, and I don’t know about shad­owkatt’s room. I’ll have to trust the more mobile mem­bers of the fam­i­ly for that.

We always *say* we’re going to get the house ready ear­ly, but nev­er have real­ly got­ten around to it in the past. So go, us!

The patio, though—well, that needs a lit­tle work. It should clean up pret­ty quick­ly, though, with a lit­tle sweep­ing. I’m hop­ing we have cool, not rainy weath­er tomor­row evening. The fore­cast says sun­ny and 79, though, so I’m prob­a­bly SOL on the cool.

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