Actual Personal Update!

Yes, I have been a post­ing whore in the last few days, but I haven’t said much that’s per­son­al since Mon­day. Per­haps you’ve been relieved?

Let’s see: I was informed on Mon­day that Floyd Col­lege had not only dropped the two class­es I’d asked to drop, but ALL the class­es I had there—including that World Lit class that I’ve been work­ing so hard on. (sigh) Appar­ent­ly, that one was the pro­fes­sor’s fault, so Floy­d’s staff is still a shin­ing exam­ple of efficiency—especially since they got me re-enrolled in under 24 hours.

That does, at least, explain the prob­lem with the reg­is­trar’s office at SPSU telling my stu­dent loan financier that I was no longer enrolled at least half time.

The SPSU finan­cial aid office says they are still wait­ing for “guid­ance” from the fed­er­al stu­dent aid office about who gets to decide whether or not I’m “dis­abled” for stu­dent aid pur­pos­es. Appar­ent­ly, they have NEVER had the issue come up before. That seems odd, but I sup­pose it isn’t TOO sur­pris­ing at this school.

I’ve switched to using Mozil­la and Fire­fox as my main browsers because of IE’s inabil­i­ty to parse the CSS in the S2 Haven style that I’m using. I still have to use IE to get into WebCT for my online course, but I’m mov­ing away from it as much as I can. Yes, sam­bear, you may crow with self-right­eous­ness now.

I’m not sleep­ing well. Ultram, which is the pain reliev­er I take four times a day, inter­feres with sleep and sleep­ing meds. I’m going to talk to my doc about some­thing else that I can take at bed­time, as well as some­thing stronger to use dur­ing flares.

I did one of my two pre­sen­ta­tions for the semes­ter in my psych/religion class yes­ter­day, impromp­tu. It went VERY well, and I’ll talk about it more ful­ly later.

I almost forget—SPSU is actu­al­ly start­ing a pre-law pro­gram. I’m going to try to attend the ori­en­ta­tion in a few weeks. It would require a slight change in my major (BS to BA, same depart­ment, dif­fer­ent sub-focus), but might be worth­while. I have been toy­ing with the notion of law school, although I have no idea what KIND of law I’d want to practice.

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