I need to work on my pos­ture. I *think* I gen­er­al­ly stand up rea­son­ably straight while walk­ing, but I have dread­ful pos­ture when­ev­er I sit at my desk. I feel instant­ly bet­ter when I remem­ber to sit prop­er­ly, though. I don’t know how to go about mak­ing that my stan­dard, instead of hav­ing to think […]

Friday Fun

The cold seems to have turned into bron­chi­tis. Stay away, stay away! I bear plague! If I’m not bet­ter by tomor­row, I’ll let sam­bear drag me to the doc­tor. shad­owkatt is get­ting ready to go hang out with near­­by-friend‑C (as opposed to C‑who-lives-far-away). sam­bear went out to meet curiousmay9 for a bit. We slept on our […]

Competition Cancer

Some­one just sent a mes­sage to the TAGMAX list that real­ly hit me—I start­ed to write a reply and found that I could­n’t find much that’s pos­i­tive to say. His son is obsessed with being “bet­ter than.” Instead of being hap­py about his accom­plish­ments, and rejoic­ing in the accom­plish­ments of those around him (like his sister), […]

Do All Fat People Overeat?

I don’t know why, but some­thing man­hat­tan said trig­gered thoughts about what I eat vs. what most peo­ple assume fat peo­ple eat. For instance, today I’ve had one bowl of oat­meal, a grilled ham & cheese sand­wich, a small spinach sal­ad (spinach, sliv­ered almonds, a tea­spoon of rasp­ber­ry vinai­grette), and about 48 oz of water (I […]

Kid Gaming!

I stopped read­ing LJ yes­ter­day morn­ing, and while I tried to take a quick look at what I missed this morn­ing I doubt I’ll get to tru­ly catch up. Sor­ry! We had a deli­cious meal yes­ter­day thanks to sam­bear, who is an incred­i­ble cook. Those of you who know him prob­a­bly real­ize that he adores feeding […]

The Lord’s Prayer (Translated)

shun­ra—do you have any sources that could tell me how accu­rate this is? I real­ly like it. (Thanks to griz­zly­dan for send­ing it out.) The Lord’s Prayer trans­lat­ed from Ara­ma­ic, Jesus’ lan­guage, into Eng­lish rather than from Ara­ma­ic to Greek to Latin to Eng­lish… O Cos­mic Birther of all radi­ance and vibra­tion! Soft­en the ground of […]

Sick People & Reading

Con­ceal a flaw, and the world will imag­ine the worst. –Mar­cus Valerius Mar­tialis That, bet­ter than any­thing, describes my own pol­i­cy of being aggres­sive­ly honest—especially about things that oth­er peo­ple might try to use against me. It’s not pos­si­ble to threat­en some­one with the release of infor­ma­tion they, them­selves, have already acknowl­edged. We need a recipe […]

Precious Memory

While going through some old stuff, I just came across some­thing precious—the let­ter in which Sam and his kids invit­ed me to move in with them. It reads: Sun­day, April 18, 1999 Dear Cyn­thia, You are wel­come here. You are wel­come to live with us.  You are wel­come to have your birth­day here, and share Christ­mas with us, […]

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