Friday Fun

The cold seems to have turned into bronchitis. Stay away, stay away! I bear plague! If I’m not better by tomorrow, I’ll let sambear drag me to the doctor.

shadowkatt is getting ready to go hang out with nearby-friend-C (as opposed to C-who-lives-far-away). sambear went out to meet curiousmay9 for a bit.

We slept on our new mattress and box springs last night, and they’re lovely! They’re so high, though—seriously, they sit at least a foot higher off the ground than the old ones did on the same frame. It’s easier for an old gimp like me to get in and out of bed, but it seems strange to look at it or to turn over and have the chest/nightstands at eye level.

I watched much season seven Buffy yesterday. There’s another episode, nine, missing too—”Never Leave Me.” Grrr. I thought that four episodes were missing, but thankfully that was just a bit of a problem with tapes being numbered out of sequence.

I’m almost finished reading Courtship Rite by Donald Kingsbury. I’ve owned it for years, having bought it at a used bookstore because of its presence in the poly culture FAQ. I never could get past the line on the back of the book, “On the planet Geta, the only food is man.” When I mentioned that I was reading it, Sam said “Isn’t that the one about cannibalism?”

Cannibalism is central to Getan culture. It’s squicky to get past that part—but the book isn’t ABOUT cannibalism per se. It does pervade their culture and affects everything, though. More than anything else, it tells the story of a marriage of three husbands and two wives (in the beginning). While telling the story of the events around them, it tells their story, and is a marvelous picture of the give and take of polyamory. I didn’t particularly like the characters and I don’t think Kingsbury is terribly good at creating believable people—but he gave me a believable picture of a group marriage. I do wish that story wasn’t marred by the whole cannibalism thing.

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