Kid Gaming!

I stopped reading LJ yesterday morning, and while I tried to take a quick look at what I missed this morning I doubt I’ll get to truly catch up. Sorry!

We had a delicious meal yesterday thanks to sambear, who is an incredible cook. Those of you who know him probably realize that he adores feeding people, and it’s one way he shows his love for us. I’m very thankful for that.

wordcandlemage and I had a lovely visit. We gamed with sambear some, and watched Firefly tapes (but we’re missing one, dangit—don’t know where it went). I did a lot of backstitching on this piece. I’m almost done with the quilt for Q! sambear and shadowkatt played Heroes of Might and Magic cooperatively.

My cold is better today but not gone. shadowkatt woke with a sore throat yesterday but doesn’t seem to have gotten the crud, thankfully!

Now we’re preparing the house to receive teen guests who are coming over to game with shadowkatt and sambear. Kid gaming has been on hiatus for far too long!

I’ll probably hide in our room and stitch and read, or work on the office a bit. Now I’m wishing we had a TV and DVD player/VCR in the bedroom. I burned a DVD last night with the season seven Buffy episode that I was missing, and I could watch it and then go on to watch the rest of the season seven tapes loaned to me by wordcandlemage if we did. It isn’t worth the trouble to move the TV, VCR, and DVD from the living room to the bedroom. This is part of why I miss having a playroom, though!

Oh, well—by next Thanksgiving, we’ll be in the next house. We’ll have room to have lots more people join us for turkey day and much more room for entertaining. I’m looking forward to that!

I’m going to set up my machine to burn DVDs with the Firefly episodes that weren’t aired now because I’m too impatient to wait for the release of the official DVDs next month (but I want them, of course). We tossed out some old videotapes yesterday, and I’m looking forward to getting rid of the rest of the Buffy and Xena tapes as soon as they can be replaced with DVDs. It seems that only the first few seasons of Xena have been released, though, which makes me wonder if the rest will ever come out.

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