Happy New Year

Yeah, well, it’s almost the end of January 2 🙂 But I haven’t spent that much time online, in favor of family, homework, and stitching. I decided to split the update into several posts.

Happy Birthday to cybrcat! I’m sorry I missed it yesterday.

We opened presents Friday. As usual, the focus was on the girl. If there were a contest for the present most tickled shadowkatt, joyeuse13 would be the winner. She had a print made from one of the photos in the girl’s online gallery, and had it framed. We’ll be moving things around on the walls very soon so that we can display it prominently.

sambear and I both got some lovely clothes, thanks to curiousmay9 and ridinrabbit. We both got warm, comfy slippers, and I have a butterfly garden in a basket to put out on the porch this spring.

sambear made lovely, custom pieces of art for each member of the family. They’re beautiful. I love mine.

My parents were tickled with their stitched gifts. shadowkatt took pictures for me, which I’ll post as soon as I get them from her.

Everybody who got baskets was happy with them, too. My first attempt at baking bread from scratch worked, as did sambear‘s spiced nuts, shadowkatt‘s hot fudge sauce, and the sugar cookies the girl and curiousmay9 made and decorated. Now that we have a better idea of how far things go, we can kick up the production next time (and make and freeze as much as possible ahead of time).

shadowkatt and I managed to completely surprise sambear with Sculpey clay and molds and tools for working with it. He loved working with clay alongside Geni, and hasn’t done anything like that since she left last year.

I hope your holidays were as lovely and low-stress as ours.

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