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We get rid of clutter in order to make room for fulfillment.
–Sandra Felton

I detest moving, but it is a great incentive to declutter! And perhaps we’ll find some of the things that have simply disappeared in the last year. I’ve found that I like getting rid of extraneous stuff. I finally went by Goodwill this week to drop off a bunch of books and other items that have been filling the trunk of the car for a few months. Whee! It was marvelous.

This is encouraging news:
‘Pivotal Point’ in Breast Cancer Treatment
Switch From Tamoxifen to Aromasin Lowers Recurrence Risk by 32%

While checking for possible interaction problems between various prescriptions, I found that signing up for a free account at allows one to save the lists for later reference. When you take as many meds as I do, typing them in is a nuisance, so I like that.

I just finished putting all the meds Katie and I take, with dosages, times, and other instructions into text files that will synch to our PDAs. When I’m at the doctor, it’s generally because I’m not feeling good, and my memory isn’t stellar, to say the least. I’m going to add the names, addresses, and phone numbers of our various health care providers next.

We really need to be wearing med-alert bracelets because of Katie’s drug allergies and the malignant hyperthermia risk. But they’re mostly UGLY! And they really don’t give that much information. We have key tags for everything else. Why not for this? Come to think of it—hmmm. sambear does want a laminator… Unfortunately, emergency medical personnel wouldn’t have any reason to look at keys for info, would they?

Okay – some of these aren’t as ugly as the standard ones. But they still can’t carry complete info. I found reference to one company’s products that are lockets, and open for access to a piece of paper with all your meds and so on noted.

That reminds me—shadowkatt is having trouble getting her PDA to sync. Need to fix that.

I’m finding that taking the Vicodin (leftover from the ER visit, and not much left at all) at night lets me 1) sleep well; 2) wake up more refreshed because it controls my pain. Ultram, the pain reliever I take the rest of the time, keeps me awake. I’m going to ask the rheumatologist for a Vicodin RX so that I can continue to do that. (Fortunately, generic Vicodin is affordable.) I’m still trying to figure out what to request to have on hand during FMS flares. Oxycodone seems to be one of the best options, but I can’t get a price on it from any of the online sites and I know there’s lots of freakiness from some health care professionals due to the abuse of it by some people.

Y’all probably get tired of reading about this stuff, but I put it here to help me remember that I AM taking better care of myself, and it is making a major difference in my quality of life.

faebouche is arriving today for a visit—YAY! We just don’t know when. I need to get to work.

We had hoped to see curiousmay9 at some point. Unfortunately, she has a sinus infection or something of the sort, so we’ve pushed back the schedule for pulling cable yet again.

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