Noth­ing con­tributes so much to tran­quil­iz­ing the mind as a steady purpose—a point on which the soul may fix its intel­lec­tu­al eye. — Mary Woll­stonecraft Shelley

Derive hap­pi­ness in one­self from a good day’s work, from illu­mi­nat­ing the fog that sur­rounds us. — Hen­ri Matisse

Nev­er despair; but if you do, work on in despair. — Edmund Burke

Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind. — William Shakespeare

20 Days With­out a PC was a sur­pris­ing­ly inter­est­ing arti­cle. I even read the charts at the end of the article.

More of that good old Chris­t­ian love in action.

Ques­tion Avg Rat­ing Votes
How is my over­all phys­i­cal attrac­tive­ness? (Worst ==> Best) 7.1 13
How annoy­ing do you find me? (Not Annoy­ing ==> Very Annoying) 4.1 13
How is my musi­cal tal­ent? (Ter­ri­ble ==> Excellent) 8.3 7
How con­ceit­ed am I? (Not At All ==> Very) 4.3 12
How intel­li­gent am I? (Not At All ==> Very) 8.7 13
Am I a gentleman/lady? (No way ==> Very) 7.5 13
Am I charm­ing? (No way ==> Very) 7.2 12
Do you trust me? (Not At All ==> Very Much) 7.1 12
Am I a ded­i­cat­ed per­son? (Not At All ==> Very) 8.5 11
Do I talk too much? (Not At All ==> All The time) 4.7 11
Do I have a nice voice? (No way ==> Very) 8.3 9
Do I have good morals? (Not At All ==> Very Good) 7.7 13
Am I fun to be with? (Not At All ==> Very Much) 7.3 9
Would you ever date me? (No Way ==> In A Heart Beat) 5.6 12
Am I a flirt? (Not at all ==> Yes!) 5.2 12
Am I a good friend to have? (Hor­ri­ble ==> Very good) 8.0 13
Do you think I am sexy? (Not Sexy ==> Very Sexy) 6.4 12
How manip­u­la­tive am I? (Not At All ==> Very) 6.1 13
Am I mar­riage mate­r­i­al? (No way ==> Oh Yeah) 6.7 12
How much do I com­plain? (Not at all ==> All the time) 6.4 13

lit­tle­fire­fae, shad­owkatt and sam­bear watched most of a movie on TV last night—the sec­ond of those Mum­my movies with that Tarzan guy, Bren­dan some­body? I was in front of the TV at one point but it just did­n’t hold my atten­tion at all. sam­bear fell asleep and final­ly took him­self off to our bed. lit­tle­fire­fae had seen the movie before, but was enthralled any­way (TV is like that for her). shad­owkatt had­n’t seen it before, but she’s my girl for sure—she was mak­ing cynical/sarcastic com­ments through­out about the stu­pid things char­ac­ters did. 🙂

real_pochacco is off spend­ing time with his best bud­dies. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, he and sam­bear did­n’t refer to the cal­en­dar when mak­ing plans, and for­got that the boy is sup­posed to see the eye doc­tor tomor­row morn­ing. I specif­i­cal­ly sched­uled that to take advan­tage of the school hol­i­day tomor­row, so I don’t want to change it. I know the boys will real­ly be dis­ap­point­ed, and I can’t help feel­ing some­what guilty about that, even though I did­n’t do any­thing wrong.

Maybe we could offer to bring all three boys back here instead—but that will result in leav­ing the two guests here alone tomor­row morn­ing when we go to the eye doc­tor, as I don’t think I can fit all five kids in my car. (Okay, tech­ni­cal­ly I can—but it’s dif­fi­cult to dri­ve with lit­tle­fire­fae tucked up under my right arm, and I don’t like hav­ing lit­tle peo­ple in the front seat even with seat belts. And it would be unkind to invade the doc­tor’s office unex­pect­ed­ly with five kids.) Of course, if I leave the boys play­ing Star­craft head to head while we’re gone, they’re unlike­ly to even notice our return until I pull the plug or some­thing. Hmm. I real­ly don’t want to dis­ap­point the guys—real_pochacco has been such a sweet­ie late­ly that he tru­ly deserves some fun, and I like to facil­i­tate as much fun as pos­si­ble for peo­ple I love.

lit­tle­fire­fae is itch­ing to get back to her paint­ing now, so I need to make sure the car­pet is safe­ly covered!

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