V‑Day and Chat Nuisance and Work

I got up this morn­ing to find fresh flow­ers, a heart-shaped box of straw­ber­ries and the aro­ma of muffins waft­ing from the oven thanks to sam­bear 🙂 And the first thing I saw when I walked out of our room was lit­tle­fire­fae’s bed­room all nice and clean, bed made and every­thing. And I found that real_pochacco had got­ten him­self up this morn­ing! A love­ly start to the day!

For some rea­son ICQ has just stopped work­ing for me, either from Tril­lian or the actu­al ICQ client. Yes­ter­day I could send mes­sages, but could­n’t see any com­ing in from any­one. Today I can’t even con­nect. I haven’t changed any­thing, but I did go to see if it could be a fire­wall issue. Yep, I have the right port open for ICQ, so I don’t know why it went funky. And now I can’t con­nect to AIM, either! That’s despite installing the Tril­lian patch released yes­ter­day to deal with these prob­lems. GRRRR! So I am try­ing to get on ICQ and AIM, okay?

I do want to buy Tril­lian Pro. I real­ly do.

And I heard from a recruiter out of the blue last night. I have my resume on my web­site sim­ply as part of the “about me” stuff. Appar­ent­ly, a pack­age I worked with while at GE Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems is uncom­mon enough to be hard to find peo­ple who have even heard of it, but com­mon enough that such peo­ple are need­ed. I have heard from sev­er­al recruiters in the past who want­ed to know if I’d take lots of mon­ey to relo­cate for jobs involv­ing that pack­age, and I’m not inter­est­ed in relo­ca­tion (or in doing any­thing else that would adverse­ly affect our fam­i­ly). This one wants to talk to me because of that pack­age, but the client would be will­ing to let me work from here oth­er than one or two trips to their loca­tion. THAT I’m inter­est­ed in. So I replied—hopefully, I’ll hear some­thing back from him today.

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