V-Day and Chat Nuisance and Work

I got up this morning to find fresh flowers, a heart-shaped box of strawberries and the aroma of muffins wafting from the oven thanks to sambear 🙂 And the first thing I saw when I walked out of our room was littlefirefae‘s bedroom all nice and clean, bed made and everything. And I found that real_pochacco had gotten himself up this morning! A lovely start to the day!

For some reason ICQ has just stopped working for me, either from Trillian or the actual ICQ client. Yesterday I could send messages, but couldn’t see any coming in from anyone. Today I can’t even connect. I haven’t changed anything, but I did go to see if it could be a firewall issue. Yep, I have the right port open for ICQ, so I don’t know why it went funky. And now I can’t connect to AIM, either! That’s despite installing the Trillian patch released yesterday to deal with these problems. GRRRR! So I am trying to get on ICQ and AIM, okay?

I do want to buy Trillian Pro. I really do.

And I heard from a recruiter out of the blue last night. I have my resume on my website simply as part of the “about me” stuff. Apparently, a package I worked with while at GE Information Systems is uncommon enough to be hard to find people who have even heard of it, but common enough that such people are needed. I have heard from several recruiters in the past who wanted to know if I’d take lots of money to relocate for jobs involving that package, and I’m not interested in relocation (or in doing anything else that would adversely affect our family). This one wants to talk to me because of that package, but the client would be willing to let me work from here other than one or two trips to their location. THAT I’m interested in. So I replied—hopefully, I’ll hear something back from him today.

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