Silly Classmates, Lit Class Progress

I got my com­par­i­son of flood myths done and turned in. It was quite inter­est­ing, although I would have pre­ferred not to be lim­it­ed to the four cul­tures pre­sent­ed (Hin­du, Gre­co-Roman, Sumer­ian, and Hebrew). The cre­ation myths are even more inter­est­ing to me, as would be a com­par­i­son of dying gods. But those weren’t assigned. Oh well.

As expect­ed, at least one of my class­mates had to toss Chris­tian­i­ty into his essay, refus­ing to under­stand that all of the myths pre­sent­ed were PRE-Christian.

I just want to say that any pro­fes­sor assign­ing the Rig Veda to peo­ple with no pre­vi­ous expo­sure to Hin­di mythol­o­gy NEEDS to use an anno­tat­ed version.

Now it’s on to more Gil­gamesh, The Analects of Con­fu­cius, Chi­nese poems, Hebrew psalms, Egypt­ian love poems, and The Ramayana Of Valmi­ki. Then the Odyssey. And the test is tomor­row at 9 am.

After I get past the test, I need to catch up on the var­i­ous writ­ing assignments—I decid­ed to stop try­ing to do them first.

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