Poly or Not?

I love my man. We’ve had prob­lems, but I’ve nev­er had a rela­tion­ship this deep. Ever. Yes, we’ve had to real­ly work at it, and we’ll have to do so—but yes, the good far out­weighs the bad. Are there things that would absolute­ly run me off? Yep, there are trans­gres­sions for which I have absolutely […]

Who is Ernst Bloch?

Gos­sip is anger sent to the wrong address. –Ernst Bloch Who is Ernst Bloch? I have no idea. But he was quot­ed. in this arti­cle: The new infi­deli­ty: The tech­nolo­gies that make affairs pos­si­ble also con­tain the seeds of their expo­sure. It also talked about the Bud­dhist con­cept of Right Speech, and I found that […]

Honesty and Truth

Cyn­thia, your most pos­i­tive ener­gy is flow­ing from your Fifth Chakra This is the chakra locat­ed at the top of your throat. The fifth chakra rep­re­sents hon­esty and truth. In your case, this chakra appears to be clear and unblocked so that pos­i­tive ener­gy can flow from it freely. Radi­at­ing pos­i­tive ener­gy from your fifth […]

The “Real” Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chem Attacks

The “Real” Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chem Attacks by SFC Red Thomas (Ret) Armor Mas­ter Gun­ner Mesa, AZ  Since the media has decid­ed to report (and scare every­one with pre­dic­tions of) all the chem­i­cal, bio­log­i­cal, or nuclear war­fare on our turf, I decid­ed to write a paper and keep things in their prop­er per­spec­tive. I […]

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