The “Real” Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chem Attacks

The “Real” Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chem Attacks
by SFC Red Thomas (Ret)
Armor Mas­ter Gunner
Mesa, AZ 

Since the media has decid­ed to report (and scare every­one with pre­dic­tions of) all the chem­i­cal, bio­log­i­cal, or nuclear war­fare on our turf, I decid­ed to write a paper and keep things in their prop­er per­spec­tive. I am a retired mil­i­tary weapons, muni­tions, and train­ing expert. 

Les­son num­ber one: In the mid-1990s there were a series of nerve gas attacks on crowd­ed Japan­ese sub­way sta­tions. Giv­en per­fect con­di­tions for an attack less than 10% of the peo­ple there were injured (the injured were bet­ter in a few hours) and only one per­cent of the injured died. 60 Min­utes once had a fel­low telling us that one drop of nerve gas could kill a thou­sand peo­ple, well he did­n’t tell you the thou­sand dead peo­ple per drop was the­o­ret­i­cal. Drill Sergeants exag­ger­ate how ter­ri­ble this stuff was to keep the recruits awake in class (I know this because I was a Drill Sergeant too). For­get every­thing you’ve ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a nov­el about this stuff, it was all a lie (read this sen­tence again out loud!)! These weapons are about ter­ror, if you remain calm, you will prob­a­bly not die. This is far less scary than the media and their “Experts,” make it sound. 

(Go read the rest of the article—it’s very good.)

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