So That’s Why I’m Hurting So Much

I just real­ized that I haven’t tak­en any of my meds today. Whoops!

I’m tak­ing a break, as Sam has been push­ing me to do for a while now. He’s wash­ing the win­dows out­side, and I’ve been doing more planting.

Sam and Katie were going to caulk the upstairs win­dows, but my par­ents arrived to take her away for spring break before they real­ly got start­ed. Sam does­n’t do lad­ders, and won’t let me do lad­ders, so caulk­ing will have to wait ’til next weekend.

All the bird stuff is up! I found hooks that let me hang stuff from tree branch­es and still reach them for refill­ing. They look bet­ter than most of the shep­herd’s crooks, any­way. There’s a bird­bath out front now, too. The hum­ming­bird feed­er (which Sam refers to as a wasp feed­er) is hang­ing where I can see it from the kitchen window.

I don’t have a front con­tain­er for ground feed­ers, and I don’t real­ly want to just dump stuff on the ground.

The grass needs to be cut. Our neigh­bor has­n’t been around much late­ly, so I’m not sure he’s going to keep doing the grass for us this year. If not, I’ll ask if we can use his rid­ing lawnmower.

Since we were doing some­thing as close as we’ll ever get to lawn wor­ship, my par­ents’ vis­it was pret­ty pain­less. It’s always hard to know what to talk about with them, and plants are a safe top­ic. They were going home to scalp their Fes­cue and plant yet more aza­leas. Mom said she had a bunch of flow­ers to get in the ground, too, so Katie’s prob­a­bly going to be doing that with her.

Off for more play­ing in the dirt!

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