So That’s Why I’m Hurting So Much

I just realized that I haven’t taken any of my meds today. Whoops!

I’m taking a break, as Sam has been pushing me to do for a while now. He’s washing the windows outside, and I’ve been doing more planting.

Sam and Katie were going to caulk the upstairs windows, but my parents arrived to take her away for spring break before they really got started. Sam doesn’t do ladders, and won’t let me do ladders, so caulking will have to wait ’til next weekend.

All the bird stuff is up! I found hooks that let me hang stuff from tree branches and still reach them for refilling. They look better than most of the shepherd’s crooks, anyway. There’s a birdbath out front now, too. The hummingbird feeder (which Sam refers to as a wasp feeder) is hanging where I can see it from the kitchen window.

I don’t have a front container for ground feeders, and I don’t really want to just dump stuff on the ground.

The grass needs to be cut. Our neighbor hasn’t been around much lately, so I’m not sure he’s going to keep doing the grass for us this year. If not, I’ll ask if we can use his riding lawnmower.

Since we were doing something as close as we’ll ever get to lawn worship, my parents’ visit was pretty painless. It’s always hard to know what to talk about with them, and plants are a safe topic. They were going home to scalp their Fescue and plant yet more azaleas. Mom said she had a bunch of flowers to get in the ground, too, so Katie’s probably going to be doing that with her.

Off for more playing in the dirt!

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