Be Warned: More Gushing About Plants, Birds, and Yards

I got absolutely filthy yesterday! I can’t remember when I’ve ever been that dirty, with real dirt. Maybe as a littlun making mud pies?

Katie and I were planting pretties in containers and deploying birdfeeders. By the time we collapsed into chairs on the patio, we had one heck of an audience. The birds were very impatient to have us (and the cats) go back inside!

While I did wipe up the actual muddy footprints, I still need to mop the floors.

Most of the plants are in place on the back patio now. The three long planters need more drainage holes, but the plants will go in pretty quickly as soon as the holes are drilled. I need a few more hooks hung for hanging pots, too.

I really, really want standing bird baths in front and back. I want the kind where the bowl comes off for cleaning, though, so it doesn’t get all nasty. I’ve been promised a birdbath hooked up to a water line and electricity, so it will be heated in the winter when the back deck is built 🙂

I saw a nifty keen birdfeeder the other day, too, but I’m too cheap to pay over $100 for it! In addition to its normal bird pandering purpose, it’s a solar-powered light that comes on at dark.

I do believe we’ll add bat houses around the edge of the backyard. If not this year, then next year.

The front porch plants are just sitting on that porch right now. Even without having them in their intended containers, the front porch looks 100% better than it did before.

I want to hang more plants inside the house, as the current ones are thriving and I get happy every time I look at them. I saw a gorgeous specimen at Home Depot yesterday, in a neat cedar pot. I’m going totally blank on the name of the plant. They have big, fleshy leaves, usually a deep green color, and really brightly colored things (not flowers, stamens?) coming out of the center. They definitely look very tropical. Bromeliad, maybe?

As lovely as it was, it most certainly was not worth the $35 price tag.

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