Long Day

Long, long day. Well, okay, I’ve had longer, but I’m exhausted.

Sam and I got up ear­ly and head­ed over to rid­inrab­bit’s house to meet the clean­ers, since rid­inrab­bit was off doing major phys­i­cal labor to fin­ish a ren­o­va­tion job.

This was our new clean­ing ser­vice’s first actu­al job for their com­pa­ny, which was sor­ta neat. The prin­ci­pals used to work for our for­mer ser­vice, and we liked them too much not to switch to their new company.

They worked HARD while they were there. As with the for­mer ser­vice, the first clean­ing was at an hourly rate, and sub­se­quent ones will be at a flat rate. Their rates are much low­er than the oth­er ser­vice, though, since they’re just get­ting started.

The house looked won­der­ful when they left!

I’m more than will­ing to refer any of you Atlanta-area folks to them. I’m sure you’ll be happy.

I real­ly feel degen­er­ate when I’m sit­ting around while oth­er peo­ple are clean­ing. I kept busy, which helps, but I still feel guilty!

Any­way, Sam spent that time work­ing to fix rid­inrab­bit’s PC, which was grumpy about a new print­er. Turns out it wants more inter­ac­tion than Win2k Pro real­ly wants to give it, so the PC was hang­ing on boot. Unplug­ging the print­er dur­ing the boot-up process fix­es the prob­lem, but is annoying. 

Long term, I think we’re going to put in more RAM and upgrade her to WinXP Pro. 

Then Sam spent some time help­ing rid­inrab­bit get acquaint­ed with her sys­tem since she has a new ISP, brows­er, and email client. We for­got all about the home design soft­ware we installed, so I’ll tell her about it when we see her next.

I caught up with her paper­work, which I haven’t been able to get to in the last few months. I got every­thing ready to hand over to her tax pre­par­er and set up Quick­en (on my machine—it isn’t on hers quite yet). 

I think one rea­son being away from home is so much more tir­ing than being at home is that I don’t have my fil­tered air and water, I don’t con­trol the tem­per­a­ture, and I can’t adjust the lights or con­trol nois­es so well. Yes, I know I’m a “high­ly sen­si­tive per­son.” I did­n’t choose it, so all I can real­ly do is acknowl­edge and deal with it.

Sam got the van yes­ter­day, leav­ing the truck to be worked on. I’m hap­py to have my van back and very thank­ful that he took care of pick­ing it up.

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