Long Day

Long, long day. Well, okay, I’ve had longer, but I’m exhausted.

Sam and I got up early and headed over to ridinrabbit‘s house to meet the cleaners, since ridinrabbit was off doing major physical labor to finish a renovation job.

This was our new cleaning service’s first actual job for their company, which was sorta neat. The principals used to work for our former service, and we liked them too much not to switch to their new company.

They worked HARD while they were there. As with the former service, the first cleaning was at an hourly rate, and subsequent ones will be at a flat rate. Their rates are much lower than the other service, though, since they’re just getting started.

The house looked wonderful when they left!

I’m more than willing to refer any of you Atlanta-area folks to them. I’m sure you’ll be happy.

I really feel degenerate when I’m sitting around while other people are cleaning. I kept busy, which helps, but I still feel guilty!

Anyway, Sam spent that time working to fix ridinrabbit‘s PC, which was grumpy about a new printer. Turns out it wants more interaction than Win2k Pro really wants to give it, so the PC was hanging on boot. Unplugging the printer during the boot-up process fixes the problem, but is annoying.

Long term, I think we’re going to put in more RAM and upgrade her to WinXP Pro.

Then Sam spent some time helping ridinrabbit get acquainted with her system since she has a new ISP, browser, and email client. We forgot all about the home design software we installed, so I’ll tell her about it when we see her next.

I caught up with her paperwork, which I haven’t been able to get to in the last few months. I got everything ready to hand over to her tax preparer and set up Quicken (on my machine—it isn’t on hers quite yet).

I think one reason being away from home is so much more tiring than being at home is that I don’t have my filtered air and water, I don’t control the temperature, and I can’t adjust the lights or control noises so well. Yes, I know I’m a “highly sensitive person.” I didn’t choose it, so all I can really do is acknowledge and deal with it.

Sam got the van yesterday, leaving the truck to be worked on. I’m happy to have my van back and very thankful that he took care of picking it up.

Current Mood: 😴tired
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