What’s Better Than Freecycle?

Favorville! Okay — I’m not giv­ing up Freecy­cle com­plete­ly I even defend­ed Freecy­cle in the com­ments of an A‑list blog yes­ter­day!), as Favorville will have to build a lot of momen­tum before it gets the same lev­el of net­work­ing that Freecy­cle already has in place. The dif­fer­ence, though, is that Favorville per­mits, well, favors.  I […]

And Another Thing

(I broke one long entry up into sev­er­al short­er ones since there was­n’t much to relate the items, any­way.) I got a cat­a­log yes­ter­day about “Zen at the Moun­tain Monastery.” I have no idea why I’m on the mail­ing list for a monastery in New York, but it was inter­est­ing. Katie was, of course, intrigued […]

QOTD: Starhawk

Com­mu­ni­ty. Some­where there are peo­ple to whom we can speak with pas­sion with­out hav­ing the words catch in our throats. Some­where a cir­cle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voic­es will cel­e­brate with us when­ev­er we come into our own pow­er. Com­mu­ni­ty means strength that joins our […]

Community Building

I run a mail­ing list for peo­ple in Geor­gia who are inter­est­ed in cre­at­ing com­mu­ni­ties, cohous­ing, etc. It’s a fair­ly pri­vate list, as it grew out of our home­school­ing group. We don’t adver­tise its exis­tence and are always rather sur­prised when some­one from out­side the HSing group asks to join. Any­way, one of the mem­bers’ wives […]

Happy Day

We had a love­ly day, although with a slight­ly small­er crowd than in past years. word­can­dlemage was sore­ly missed, as a migraine kept him at home hid­ing from the wicked daystar. dra­cofrost’s step­moth­er was ill, so we did­n’t have the plea­sure of his fam­i­ly’s com­pa­ny. Y’all missed an incred­i­ble meal and lots of good com­pa­ny. sambear […]

Got an Extra Room?

GLBT Host Home Pro­gram The GLBT Host Home Pro­gram offers adults in the com­mu­ni­ty the oppor­tu­ni­ty to open their homes to home­less queer youth. Young peo­ple need­ing homes are con­nect­ed to adults with extra bed­rooms. It’s real­ly that easy! Hosts are trained and pro­vid­ed ongo­ing sup­port while youth live with them for 6–12 months. Hosts are […]

Cool Organization: Time Dollars

Time Dol­lar USA What are Time Dol­lars? Time Dol­lars are a tax-exempt kind of cur­ren­cy that empow­er peo­ple to con­vert their per­son­al time into pur­chas­ing pow­er by help­ing oth­ers and by rebuild­ing fam­i­ly, neigh­bor­hood and com­mu­ni­ty. An hour help­ing anoth­er earns one Time Dol­lar. Time Dol­lars can be used by com­mu­ni­ties, indi­vid­u­als, orga­ni­za­tions, or agen­cies to […]

Miscellaneous Links

World­Chang­ing is a feed for Anoth­er World Is Here. It’s described as “a new col­lab­o­ra­tive weblog ded­i­cat­ed to tools for build­ing sus­tain­abil­i­ty, democ­ra­cy, open sys­tems and a future one would want to live in.” I joined the mail­ing lists for Inspired to Jour­nal and Sun­ny Win­dow Coach­ing today. sam­bear, some­body heard your wish: Intel­li­gent Tags are Breaking […]

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