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anansi133, I tried to post this link as a reply to one of your com­ments, and LJ burped. Then I decid­ed that it was good enough to deserve its own post, anyway.

Ganked from giza:
A Group Is Its Own Worst Ene­my by Clay Shirky

So these are human pat­terns that have shown up on the Inter­net, not because of the soft­ware, but because it’s being used by humans. Bion has iden­ti­fied this pos­si­bil­i­ty of groups sand­bag­ging their sophis­ti­cat­ed goals with these basic urges. And what he final­ly came to, in ana­lyz­ing this ten­sion, is that group struc­ture is nec­es­sary. Robert’s Rules of Order are nec­es­sary. Con­sti­tu­tions are nec­es­sary. Norms, rit­u­als, laws, the whole list of ways that we say, out of the uni­verse of pos­si­ble behav­iors, we’re going to draw a rel­a­tive­ly small cir­cle around the accept­able ones. 

He said the group struc­ture is nec­es­sary to defend the group from itself. Group struc­ture exists to keep a group on tar­get, on track, on mes­sage, on char­ter, what­ev­er. To keep a group focused on its own sophis­ti­cat­ed goals and to keep a group from slid­ing into these basic pat­terns. Group struc­ture defends the group from the action of its own members. …

…The most char­i­ta­ble descrip­tion of this repeat­ed pat­tern is “learn­ing from expe­ri­ence.” But learn­ing from expe­ri­ence is the worst pos­si­ble way to learn some­thing. Learn­ing from expe­ri­ence is one up from remem­ber­ing. That’s not great. The best way to learn some­thing is when some­one else fig­ures it out and tells you: “Don’t go in that swamp. There are alli­ga­tors in there.” 

Learn­ing from expe­ri­ence about the alli­ga­tors is lousy, com­pared to learn­ing from read­ing, say.

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