Mono Sucks

Well, you prob­a­bly knew that. If you’ve had it, anyway.

The only good thing I’ve found about it is that since the clos­est expe­ri­ence most peo­ple will ever have to chron­ic fatigue syn­drome or fibromyal­gia is mono, maybe those who have had mono will be a bit more under­stand­ing of those of us with CFS/FMS.

It is com­plete­ly unfair for some­one who already has FMS to have to expe­ri­ence mono, too.

Katie’s doc­tor says she has to be con­sid­ered con­ta­gious as long as she’s symp­to­matic at all. No recital dress rehearsals, no dance pic­tures, no mar­tial arts this week. Two weeks is said to be the aver­age recov­ery time. That means it is very unlike­ly that she’ll make the rehearsal din­ner, wed­ding, and recital this weekend.

The dis­ap­point­ment has her even droop­i­er than she was before. I did­n’t think that was possible.

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