Happy Day

We had a love­ly day, although with a slight­ly small­er crowd than in past years.

word­can­dlemage was sore­ly missed, as a migraine kept him at home hid­ing from the wicked daystar. dra­cofrost’s step­moth­er was ill, so we did­n’t have the plea­sure of his fam­i­ly’s company.

Y’all missed an incred­i­ble meal and lots of good com­pa­ny. sam­bear spent most of the day cook­ing, and curiousmay9 did sev­er­al dish­es, too. I did my fam­i­ly’s tra­di­tion­al pear sal­ad with a slight change, but was oth­er­wise unin­volved with actu­al food prepa­ra­tion. shad­owkatt was incred­i­bly help­ful with the shop­ping and help­ing to get the house ready for guests. 

My life part­ner, my domes­tic part­ner, my daughter—you are incred­i­ble bless­ings in my life.  You make it pos­si­ble for me to do so much more than I could with­out your com­pan­ion­ship and sup­port. Our home is a joy­ful, peace­ful, safe place, for which I’m grate­ful. Thank you.

I’m thank­ful for all the won­der­ful peo­ple in my life, some of whom I know thanks to LJ. When rasilio first men­tioned LJ to me a few years back, I sim­ply could not under­stand why any­one would do this online jour­nal­ing thing. I’m glad that sam­bear tried it, lead­ing me to cre­ate an account.

Thank you for being here and part of my world.

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