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I just moved the fridge for the first time since we moved here in mid-May. Ewwww! Obvi­ous­ly that area was­n’t cleaned after the last ten­ant moved. Thank God­dess for shop vacs!

It’s a good thing I did, though—there’s a leak from the water line to the freez­er. I’ve cut the water off for now. 

I start­ed to install the fil­ter we bought for the line, but could­n’t find the instruc­tions. Okay—I print­ed out the instruc­tions from the GE web­site. I need tube cut­ters? Huh? What’s the point of the “quick con­nect instal­la­tion” that GE makes so much of? No, I don’t have tube cut­ters. Grrr.

I’ve got the fil­ter for the range hood soaking—it’s nasty with grease. Accord­ing to the Whirlpool web­site, it’s dish­wash­er safe, so soak­ing should­n’t hurt it at all. I’ll try that before I order anoth­er or find the near­est Whirlpool dealer.

Come to think of it, it’s time to get a new fil­ter for the cof­fee mak­er, too. And we still haven’t replaced the bro­ken carafe for the espresso/cappuccino machine.

Can you tell that I’m real­ly clean­ing the kitchen in full?

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