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  1. cats:
    I’ve always felt an affin­i­ty for cats, aggra­vat­ing my very not-cat-peo­ple par­ents. Sup­pos­ed­ly, cats began gath­er­ing around the house around the time I was born, and it was some­how my fault. I’m sure I was feed­ing them sur­rep­ti­tious­ly from the crib. Hap­pi­ly, Katie inher­it­ed that affinity.
  2. d&d:
    I did­n’t play ’til 2000, but I’ve been mak­ing up for lost time since then.
  3. flirt­ing:
    Flirt­ing can be a way of inter­act­ing with absolute­ly any­one of any age or gen­der. It soft­ens exchanges, and says, “I like you and I’m not in a big hur­ry to end this encounter.” It does­n’t imply any com­mit­ment or sex­u­al inter­est, does­n’t infringe on any­one else’s com­mit­ments, and is nev­er improper.
  4. home school­ing:
    The best edu­ca­tion­al choice open to us for Katie right now, and some­thing I’m very glad we’ve done for the last few years. I wish we’d been able to do it from the begin­ning, as I’d planned, but that did­n’t happen.
  5. learned opti­mism:
    If you can learn to be help­less and pes­simistic, you can learn to be oth­er­wise, right?
  6. mike ray­burn:
    Incred­i­ble acoustic gui­tarist! You must see him live if you’re in the south­east! He’s a pret­ty darned good singer, song­writer, and come­di­an, as well. See http://www.mikerayburn.com/
  7. poly­fi­deli­ty:
    A form of polyamory that involves more than two peo­ple, but is lim­it­ed to how­ev­er many peo­ple are involved. I’m very much a “slow-poke poly” kin­da gal, and in prac­tice I’m real­ly more of a poly­fi­delit­ist than a polyamor­ist — essen­tial­ly on the oth­er end of the non-monogamy spec­trum from the swingers.
  8. sapio­sex­u­al:
    What’s inside a per­son­’s mind is more impor­tant in deter­min­ing how sexy he or she is to me than how his or her body looks. Bod­ies are love­ly, of course — but minds make the person.
  9. steve miller:
    Coau­thor of my favorite series, the Liaden Uni­verse nov­els, with his wife Sharon Lee.
  10. web design:
    I enjoy par­tic­i­pat­ing in the great­est van­i­ty press the world has ever known. I’m not will­ing to rely com­plete­ly on oth­ers to present my words, so I’m brush­ing up on my web design skills.

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Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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