Photography Again

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With a civil rights twist, this time NY photographer held for hours by police over flag photo shadowkatt, please visit this attorney’s page about photographer’s rights. Print out the PDF, learn the contents, and keep the document on you! Current…

I Wanna Read This

How to Work Like DaVinci In his instant self-help classic, the international best seller How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Michael J. Gelb identified seven aspects of da Vinci’s genius that contemporary readers can emulate and apply in their…


I am one of the luckiest gamers ever because I live with one of the world’s best storytellers! The rest of the world can enjoy his work on games like Changeling, Mage, Werewolf, Vampire, In Nomine, Ars Magica, and Fading…

100 Year Exposure Photo

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For shadowkatt: Artist Jonathon Keats is taking one long photo. His project, a pinhole camera that is taking one continuous picture of a room in the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco, is a mixture of uber-low-tech and ultra-high concept…

Poetry: # 46

# 46 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti from A Coney Island of the Mind And every poem and every picture               a sensation in the eye and heart Something that jolts you awake             from the rapt sleep of living     in a flash of…

Where’s My Lab Coat?

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Today’s Ganked From ozarque link is, which is all about the culture of science in fiction and fact. Very appropriate, right after watching The Fantastic Four last night and more CSI today. Current Mood: geeky

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