Photography Again

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With a civ­il rights twist, this time NY pho­tog­ra­ph­er held for hours by police over flag pho­to shad­owkatt, please vis­it this attor­ney’s page about pho­tog­ra­pher’s rights. Print out the PDF, learn the con­tents, and keep the doc­u­ment on you! Cur­rent Mood: pissed off

I Wanna Read This

How to Work Like DaVin­ci In his instant self-help clas­sic, the inter­na­tion­al best sell­er How to Think Like Leonar­do da Vin­ci, Michael J. Gelb iden­ti­fied sev­en aspects of da Vin­ci’s genius that con­tem­po­rary read­ers can emu­late and apply in their…


I am one of the luck­i­est gamers ever because I live with one of the world’s best sto­ry­tellers! The rest of the world can enjoy his work on games like Changeling, Mage, Were­wolf, Vam­pire, In Nomine, Ars Mag­i­ca, and Fading…

100 Year Exposure Photo

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For shad­owkatt: Artist Jonathon Keats is tak­ing one long pho­to. His project, a pin­hole cam­era that is tak­ing one con­tin­u­ous pic­ture of a room in the Hotel des Arts in San Fran­cis­co, is a mix­ture of uber-low-tech and ultra-high concept…

Poetry: # 46

# 46 by Lawrence Fer­linghet­ti from A Coney Island of the Mind And every poem and every pic­ture               a sen­sa­tion in the eye and heart Some­thing that jolts you awake             from the rapt sleep of liv­ing     in a flash of pure epiphany               where…

Where’s My Lab Coat?

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Today’s Ganked From ozar­que link is, which is all about the cul­ture of sci­ence in fic­tion and fact. Very appro­pri­ate, right after watch­ing The Fan­tas­tic Four last night and more CSI today. Cur­rent Mood: geeky

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