The Theology Behind BushCo

Amer­i­ca The Theocracy 
Yes, I know it’s a damned long arti­cle. Read it any­way. It’s on the cov­er of Cre­ative Loaf­ing this week if you find it eas­i­er to read off-screen.

I spent five years (1986 to 1991) work­ing in a busi­ness capac­i­ty for the Pres­by­ter­ian Church in Amer­i­ca, one of the main denom­i­na­tions men­tioned. They are head­quar­tered right here in Atlanta. (I was a fluke who got past their employ­ment screen­ing process, which includ­ed ques­tions about Calvin­ism.) I left the Chris­t­ian church dur­ing that time, par­tial­ly because they scared the hell out of me THEN.

And yes, they’ve gone fur­ther now.

Oh—if you want to talk to Chris­t­ian recon­struc­tion­ists with­out going to their church­es, swing by a place in Alpharet­ta called The Home­school Hang­out some­time. It’s owned and run by one, and most of its mar­ket is the extreme fun­da­men­tal­ist home­school­ers who fit into the move­ment quite well.

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