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A friend was given the following questions as “homework” by her therapist. They seemed to be far more worthwhile than any of those “memes” going around, so let’s just turn this into one, okay?

If one night while you were sleeping, suddenly the problem you are facing was solved, what would be different in your life when you awoke the next morning? How would your life have changed? What differences would you notice in your relationships, your work, your leisure, your finances?

We’d already be moved? Okay, okay. That’s an event more than a real problem.

1) I’d be healthy. In fact, everybody in our household would be healthy in every sense of the word.
2) All our bills would be paid, and we’d have a six-month financial cushion.
3) I’d be not just caught up, but ahead on all of my courses. There was a time when I could take the absolute maximum number of permitted credit hours each term, stay AHEAD of the deadlines, and easily maintain a 4.0. I want that again.
4) Sam would be writing full-time (that would be FAR easier with #2 done).
5) I would have a job that permits me to work from home as a technical writer. I’d be happy with an internship of that sort while I’m in school.

No real relationship/work/leisure issues to be worked out. There are wishes, but no problems.

What would people notice to be different in your behavior or attitudes?

They’d notice that I’m doing a lot more—especially in the meat world instead of online. I’d like to think that I’d be more positive in general.

In reality, what would be necessary for you to accomplish this on your own? What are the first, second, and third steps to bring about this change on your own?

Honestly, I don’t know that I can accomplish #1, period. I have a network of chronic conditions, none of which can be cured. I can continue to improve what I eat and my living environment.

What I can do is continue to research and pursue the best possibilities for alleviating the symptoms or controlling those conditions. I can continue taking my medications and doing whatever it takes to maintain access to them. I can continue increasing my physical activity level.

I can continue with the process of seeking SSA approval for disability so that I’ll have better access to health care—which also helps with #2, 3, and 4. I can continue to be my own advocate with regard to getting the accommodations I need at school.

Name one goal you would like to work on this week to begin your journey toward this change:

During my bout of pain-induced insomnia last night, I wrote a letter that I’m going to ask my rheumatologist to put on her letterhead and sign to go to the school disability office (she actually likes that—I’m careful to stay factual in the medical stuff, of course). I’m essentially asking for all that and a box of crackers, in hopes that they’ll give me more of what I need than they have at the moment.

So I’m going to get that to her this week and ask for her signature, then get it to the school. I’m also going to ask for breakthrough pain meds (medical lingo for flare meds) and something I can take at night that lets me sleep, unlike the Ultram.

What are your answers to those questions?

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