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I’ve been try­ing not to post if I’m just going to whine—why sub­ject oth­ers to the neg­a­tiv­i­ty? Obvi­ous­ly, I slipped up yesterday.

Hap­py thing—I did­n’t take a BC pill this morn­ing, and I’m not expe­ri­enc­ing near­ly as much nau­sea. Thank you, jan­ni and star­rchilde!

We have two trips across the coun­ty again today, for a med­ical appoint­ment at 12:15 and Katie’s jazz class at 7:15. BUT—I plan to fin­ish deliv­er­ing the Girl Scout cook­ies with that sec­ond trip, if I can make con­tact with dwi­vian or elf­girl and sur­r­dave.

Whee! I’m back now and man­aged to get to the appoint­ment and back USING THE SAME ROUTE. I know that seems sil­ly, but every­one who has tried to get across the coun­ty with­out using the inter­state has found it impos­si­ble to find the same roads twice. And I did it. Woot!

I miss being able to make phone calls using my cell phone. I’ll be very hap­py when I can do that again. I’m much more pro­duc­tive that way!

The serv­er has declined to speak to the router. This is quite annoy­ing. We’ve checked the set­tings for the NIC, but it just does­n’t wish to play with the LAN. 

Oh, cool—the meet­up top­ic I sug­gest­ed is live now! I was quite sur­prised that there was­n’t one for tech­ni­cal writ­ers already, but that has been rectified 🙂

Still try­ing to find the trans­paren­cies to do the visu­al aids for my last speech. They’re in a box in the garage some­where. That is a scary concept.

Rital­in works bet­ter with zinc

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