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I’ve been trying not to post if I’m just going to whine—why subject others to the negativity? Obviously, I slipped up yesterday.

Happy thing—I didn’t take a BC pill this morning, and I’m not experiencing nearly as much nausea. Thank you, janni and starrchilde!

We have two trips across the county again today, for a medical appointment at 12:15 and Katie’s jazz class at 7:15. BUT—I plan to finish delivering the Girl Scout cookies with that second trip, if I can make contact with dwivian or elfgirl and surrdave.

Whee! I’m back now and managed to get to the appointment and back USING THE SAME ROUTE. I know that seems silly, but everyone who has tried to get across the county without using the interstate has found it impossible to find the same roads twice. And I did it. Woot!

I miss being able to make phone calls using my cell phone. I’ll be very happy when I can do that again. I’m much more productive that way!

The server has declined to speak to the router. This is quite annoying. We’ve checked the settings for the NIC, but it just doesn’t wish to play with the LAN.

Oh, cool—the meetup topic I suggested is live now! I was quite surprised that there wasn’t one for technical writers already, but that has been rectified 🙂

Still trying to find the transparencies to do the visual aids for my last speech. They’re in a box in the garage somewhere. That is a scary concept.

Ritalin works better with zinc

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