Member of Curves? Guess Who You’re Supporting?

I’ve heard very nice things about Curves. I even con­sid­ered pok­ing my nose into one. 

Well, I won’t be doing so now. The founder gives 10% of his prof­its to anti-choice groups like Oper­a­tion Save Amer­i­ca — that’s the cur­rent incar­na­tion of Oper­a­tion Rescue.

He did an inter­view with Chris­tian­i­ty Today about the business.

From Jon Car­roll of SFGate:

Just so you know: Gary Heav­in, the founder of the Waco, Texas-based chain of exer­cise stu­dios called Curves, is a heavy con­trib­u­tor to sev­er­al orga­ni­za­tions allied with Oper­a­tion Save Amer­i­ca, the rather more mus­cu­lar suc­ces­sor to Oper­a­tion Res­cue, the anti-choice group.

The orga­ni­za­tions he funds are spread­ing the lie that abor­tions lead to an increased risk of breast can­cer. Planned Par­ent­hood says its oper­a­tions in Texas are being threat­ened by Heav­in-fund­ed clin­ics based on the old ther­a­peu­tic mod­el “you must car­ry your child to term.”

In an arti­cle in Chris­tian­i­ty Today, Heav­in expressed pride in his involve­ment with anti-choice groups, to which he donates 10 per­cent of Curves’ prof­its. You may do with this infor­ma­tion what you will.

Thanks to dwi­vian for the heads-up.

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