Donating My Time

Plinky asked, “Do you vol­un­teer?” Not at the moment, unfor­tu­nate­ly :-( I have in the past, with an online safe­ty group, Girl Scouts, home­school­ing groups, Freecy­cle, and oth­er orga­ni­za­tions. I’m look­ing for some­thing to do again, since I find myself with time on my hands and a bit more ener­gy than I had for a while. […]

Note to Self

You have OCD. You can­not stop at “good enough.” Do not, there­fore, even think about doing any “minor clean­ing up” on an image unless it’s damned impor­tant. The fact that you’ve come up with the clean­est image map of Geor­gia in the known world does­n’t jus­ti­fy the time you spent on it.

I Voted — Did You?

The line was­n’t near­ly as bad as that for ear­ly vot­ing last week, so I’m glad we wait­ed.  Things seemed to be mov­ing along quite well. All of the poll work­ers were “church ladies”—women well over 60, most prob­a­bly over 70. That’s two gen­er­a­tions before my own. Those ladies are the back­bone of vol­un­teerism in our […]

Webmaster Needed

I’m refo­cus­ing my efforts on my goals in the ana­log world, and have put myself on an “inter­net bud­get.” As a result, I’m turn­ing over most of my online vol­un­teer work to oth­er folks. I real­ly, real­ly need to find a web­mas­ter for the WHOA site. It does­n’t take THAT much time, just man­ag­ing the website […]

PHP Help Needed

Dammit! The updat­ed (secu­ri­ty holes fixed) ver­sion of PHP For­m­Mail is dif­fer­ent enough that I can’t put the form recip­i­ent into the script the way I used to do it. I don’t want the email address in the form on the web page, because it will get picked up by spam­mers that way. Growl. Are any […]


I think I may offi­cial­ly have sam­bear’s crud. Yuck. It could just still be icky aller­gies, but I’ve been up much of the night cough­ing due to sinus drainage and my throat feels sand­pa­pered. I was feel­ing fine yes­ter­day, and kept _starrgirl_ and rasilio’s twins. I do hope I did­n’t give them any­thing! The twins […]

GS Stuff

We can have the Girl Scout par­ent meet­ing at a near­by church. In fact, it seems that darn near every troop in this ser­vice unit meets at that church. They’re very nice about it, and they do have a big edu­ca­tion build­ing with lots of rooms. But I’m not entire­ly com­fort­able with a church. And we’re […]

Girl Scout Ambush

Oh yeah. Girl Scouts. When the “round up” was held last month, they said they need­ed some­one to be the sec­ondary leader “on paper only” for G’s troop. I agreed. Well, the pri­ma­ry leader seems to have skipped town or something—won’t return calls, etc. So I’m it! Okay, they did find me anoth­er leader to […]

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