I think I may officially have sambear‘s crud. Yuck. It could just still be icky allergies, but I’ve been up much of the night coughing due to sinus drainage and my throat feels sandpapered. I was feeling fine yesterday, and kept _starrgirl_ and rasilio‘s twins. I do hope I didn’t give them anything!

The twins were sweet, and we got to spend some time with their parents and Jackson last night. Katie’s friend Erica came over for the afternoon as well, so things were very busy.

Today we have a cool field trip with the group for gifted homeschoolers. Then I need to find a good time to meet with the other troop leader and sambear to plan our first Scout meeting next week. And run a couple of errands. Oh—there’s also choir practice tonight, but the way my throat feels I rather doubt I’ll make it.

Current Mood: busy
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