Poo. The field trip was canceled due to the weather. Probably a good thing since I no longer have a voice. That’s going to make the phone calls I still need to make a little tricky. I promised Katie a bookstore run, then sambear wants me to go to bed. I want to vacuum. I don’t like how the carpet feels (I really like to have the living area vacuumed daily, but it needs to be done several times a week, at a minimum). And there’s still more ironing waiting.

I have done three loads of laundry, two loads of dishes, a little ironing, and cleaned the kitchen today. There’s just always more to do.

I think I may be forced to drink more of that danged Gypsy Cold Care tea. UCK. I hate tea. But it does help.

Current Mood: 🤒sick
Current Music: Echo’s Children <u>A Dancing World</u>
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