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It isn’t tru­ly cus­tomized beyond stick­ing in the appro­pri­ate name and gen­der, but I found it a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from what I usu­al­ly read about Scor­pios, so I’m post­ing it.

Cyn­thia Armis­tead is mys­te­ri­ous and enig­mat­ic; deep, per­cep­tive, pow­er­ful, pas­sion­ate, and ter­ri­bly, ter­ri­bly sexy! The sen­tence above must be true because Cyn­thia is a Scor­pio and Scor­pios as we all know are infa­mous for their inter­est in… well now, here’s a fun­ny thing. Despite what they say, Scor­pios are not actu­al­ly quite as wild and wicked as they are paint­ed. Cyn­thia has, it must be said, a very hyp­not­ic appeal but what’s tru­ly mes­meris­ing about Cyn­thia is not her pout but her per­spi­cac­i­ty. Cyn­thia has an uncan­ny, almost spooky to see right through you. She can make you feel naked and exposed just by cast­ing one mean­ing­ful glance in your direc­tion. What she is look­ing at though, when she peers below the sur­face, is not your under­wear but your under­ly­ing inten­tion! “Where are you com­ing from? What are you up to? Can you be trust­ed? Are you going to tell the truth?” These are the ques­tions that Cyn­thia sub­con­scious­ly fires out as soon as she sees you. Her inner radar nev­er fails to pro­vide her with the right answer. She is sen­si­tive beyond mea­sure, and it is part­ly to pro­tect her own sen­si­tiv­i­ty that she scru­ti­nis­es peo­ple so thoroughly.

There is anoth­er rea­son why Cyn­thia Armis­tead is so keen to see into your soul: she needs to know how sen­si­tive you are. She knows from long, bit­ter expe­ri­ence that not many peo­ple can take the kind of can­dour that she can­not help but dis­pense. Cyn­thia is not a per­son to mince her words, hold back her opin­ions, or shy away from taboo top­ics. She does­n’t want to cause offence, nor does she want to waste her time, so she picks her con­fi­dantes care­ful­ly. All of which brings us back to where we began. If you are sen­si­tive enough to appre­ci­ate Cyn­thi­a’s spe­cial qual­i­ties you will con­sid­er that there is some­thing excep­tion­al­ly sexy about her and she will feel the same way about you. So per­haps Cyn­thia Armis­tead is liv­ing proof that it is true what they say about Scor­pios after all.


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