Still No Voice

I’m hav­ing night­mares about not get­ting my voice back. At least the ulcers seem slight­ly improved today. I’m tak­ing mas­sive dos­es of L‑Lysine, which does help clear up ulcers. I don’t think I have a fever now. Lots more ook­i­ness drain­ing. I guess that could be a good sign. It isn’t exact­ly fun, though. Current […]

No Doctor’s Visit Needed

I did­n’t go to the doc­tor. sam­bear went to his doc­tor and the fast strep was neg­a­tive, so there was­n’t real­ly a rea­son to spend more mon­ey for me to get the same ver­dict. It’s just a real­ly nasty virus and the only cure is “tinc­ture of time.” Not being able to speak is very, very […]

Still Sick. Not Happy.

Yes, I’m still sick. Dan­git. sam­bear made a doc­tor’s appoint­ment for me this after­noon. The new doc­tor was cho­sen ran­dom­ly for their prox­im­i­ty to the house. I just hope he or she won’t be one of those ass­holes who think all ill­ness­es are a result of being fat. Yes, I have had a doc­tor tell […]

House & Kid Nattering

I’m think­ing of using this banned books list as a shop­ping list. I’ve read many of the ones on the list, but not all of them. Okay, I have no need to have Amer­i­can Psy­cho in the house (was­n’t that made into a movie?) and I think series like Goose­bumps are pret­ty much dreck. But […]

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