Friday Fiver — Names

1. What does your first name mean? CYNTHIA f Eng­lish Pro­nounced: SIN-thee‑a Means “woman of Kyn­thos” in Greek. Cyn­thia was an epi­thet of the Greek moon god­dess Artemis, giv­en because Kyn­thos was the moun­tain on Delos on which she and her twin broth­er Apol­lo were born.  2. Your mid­dle name, do you have one? Lynn 3. What does […]


I have to won­der if I’m get­ting hypo­glycemic or some­thing. I’m real­ly bad about for­get­ting to eat, and have had two hor­ri­ble headaches in the last few days due to going too long (but not an unusu­al amount of time for me) between meals. And this morn­ing I felt so much bet­ter after eat­ing, even […]

School Uniforms—and Not

Hey shades­ong—this was in my e‑mail this morn­ing and I thought of Elay­na’s school. ============================ SCHOOL UNIFORMS ON THE WAY OUT In 1994, Long Beach, Calif., was the first big-city pub­lic school dis­trict to adopt uni­forms. When school crime rates dropped 22 per­cent the first year, the dis­trict quick­ly became a mod­el for the coun­try. Soon […]


Swiped from frey­jaw: “Do you want me to tell you some­thing real­ly sub­ver­sive? Love is every­thing it’s cracked up to be. That’s why peo­ple are so cyn­i­cal about it… It real­ly is worth fight­ing for, being brave for, risk­ing every­thing for. And the trou­ble is, if you don’t risk any­thing, you risk even more.”—Erica Jong […]

The Twins Are Here!

Well, not HERE but they were born at 6:20 and 6:25 pm EST this evening! Brynn Elise weighed 4 lbs 15 oz Cam­den Har­ri­son weighed 5 lbs 6 oz Both were 18″ long _starrgirl_ and both babies are doing just great. Con­grats to the proud mama and papa, rasilio! Sor­ry for the delay in post­ing, but we were gaming […]

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