Coloring Pages

Wow. Moth­er­lode of col­or­ing pages— And some more: And for the old­er ones (print­ing now for me and the girls): Note to self: Buy the big fat crayons. Jack­son is break­ing the reg­u­lar ones too easily—he does­n’t mean to do it, they’re just not up to the pressure […]

Coloring Pages?

I know some of my friends have lit­tluns. It’s been a while for me, and most of our col­or­ing stuff is for much old­er people—like my man­dala col­or­ing books. Jack­son isn’t impressed. I found some neat stuff at, but are there oth­er sites you like with free print­able col­or­ing pages? I know I had […]


Well! We had Jack­son (_starrgirl_ and rasilio’s tod­dler) here overnight. He’s been here plen­ty of times before, but this is the first sleep­over. He was up at 4:30! Well, he did have a full dia­per. And he was very angry about the dia­per change, but he went and laid him­self back down in his bed […]

The Friday Five

1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why? Um, I’m not sure. Hmm. Okay, over­ly dra­mat­ic peo­ple, to con­tin­ue my thread of thought from yes­ter­day. 2. What irri­tat­ing habits do you have? Lots, I’m sure. Maybe that’s a ques­tion bet­ter asked of those who live with me? But it annoys me that I’m not more naturally […]

Why Don’t These People Have Any Sense?

Yet anoth­er miss­ing child sto­ry on CNN this morn­ing. 12-year-old girl goes out to ride her bike and does­n’t come home.  “The fam­i­ly does not know her friends and have no idea where she may be,” White said. “Crys­tal has nev­er run away from home before.”  Does any­one else see some­thing HUGELY wrong with this picture?

Good Stuff, Bad Stuff

sam­bear post­ed a pic­ture of our kit­tens! They are much less peace­ful right now—running around war­ring all over the top floor of the house. They don’t go down­stairs much yet—I think the stairs are still just a wee bit much for them. They won’t be for long, I’m sure. Shel­ley still isn’t eat­ing any­thing we feed […]

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