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sambear posted a picture of our kittens! They are much less peaceful right now—running around warring all over the top floor of the house. They don’t go downstairs much yet—I think the stairs are still just a wee bit much for them. They won’t be for long, I’m sure.

Shelley still isn’t eating anything we feed her. But Mica has started yowling for the chicken livers since she walks away and he gets them. He won’t allow Moonstone anywhere near them, either. Shelley did make a dive for the peanut butter jar R left on the table yesterday, though. Very odd. At least she does drink the kitty milk.

Slow morning around here. R needed to go to school early to do some make-up work. Unfortunately, he flat refused to get out of bed when sambear tried to wake him early enough to drive him there. Sam did manage to get him up before leaving, but by then it was too late for him to go to school early. So now R is all grumpy, and while he has only himself to blame, he can project quite the sense of pissiness when he wants to do so. (Of course, he doesn’t see it as his fault at all.)

And we had a difficult afternoon/evening with G yesterday. She was blatantly lying yet again. She always says, “I just wasn’t thinking” when asked about this stuff. Um, if “not thinking” always leads you to lies and deception, this is a serious concern to me. Because honesty is the default for me, and I thought it was for pretty much everyone else, too.

I had to run an errand for Sam yesterday afternoon. G was out playing—but she wasn’t where she was supposed to be. I ended up having to drive around the neighborhood to find her, rather frightened that she wouldn’t be found. She was on a street she isn’t supposed to be on. At least I did find her. But she doesn’t seem to understand that if she keeps breaking the rules and lying, it’s really hard for us to feel safe in giving her more freedom and privileges because we can’t trust her to be sensible. And the direct lying was about something else, not wandering around where she shouldn’t be.

The choir for our UU congregation is meeting tonight for a special practice to audition two potential new music ministers. I hope to participate. I feel a bit odd, as I haven’t been involved with the choir previously. Katie’s dance classes last year were on the same night as the practices, so I couldn’t attend. When that ended, the choir had stopped meeting for the summer. But I am looking forward to getting involved in the music program.

And while I’m rambling… I’m wondering about the feasibility of running a network connection to the master bedroom. Because that would allow us to put one desk in there, and give Sam a place to close the door and write while the kids are still up and about. Ideally, we hope to have a house with separate space for him someday, but that would help now. It would also free up some space in here for the piano, but that would really be gravy. We do have access to the attic, but I think one of the kids would probably need to pull the wire through above the living room because it’s a very tight squeeze.

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