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I haven’t really being posting personal stuff in the last few weeks. I suppose that might be a relief to some, but this IS a personal journal, not just a “look at the neat thing I found” place.

Whenever I go really quiet, there’s probably something up. I’m in a bad flare, there’s tension at home, something like that.

I’ve been pushing myself to try to take over the “homemaker” stuff at the Castle, so that curiousmay9 and sambear can focus more on things that I just cannot do—particularly the many home repair/improvement projects we’ve got in progress or waiting. And, of course, both of them work outside the house.

Since I just don’t have a “normal” supply of spoons, the energy for doing more home maintenance has to come from something else. It’s coming from online time and social energy right now.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but just battling bureaucracies (I do all such things for the household), scheduling health care appointments and the like, and keeping the kitchen and laundry under control take me to the very edge of my capabilities right now.

BUT—I’m managing to keep them fairly liveable, if not to the standards I truly prefer.

I’m also completely out of pain meds, which is drastically reducing my spoon supply. I started calling my doctor to arrange a refill at the beginning of the week. The pharmacy was calling, too. They never did get around to responding at all. I know, I need a new doctor—but I can’t afford to get started with a new rheumatologist right now.

I may only be present at tonight’s filk in spirit, as I have a migraine that’s causing me to be hypersensitive to sounds as well as light. My family, though, is incredibly supportive. I’m sitting here with anything I might possibly need within easy reach while they finish preparations for the event. I’m so fortunate to have them!

Everyone in the household has been working on better defining our roles and responsibilities. Doing so is a great way to reduce conflicts and stress. Having explicit agreements lets everyone involved know what is expected, so there aren’t any landmines to hit. Setting expectations is important in any kind of relationship. If Katie knows that she’s going to clean the cat boxes every Monday and Thursday, she can plan around that task. She also knows that she isn’t going to be asked to do them on Saturday morning before she goes to the dojo. There aren’t any surprises.

I’ve already got a pretty good list of what has to be done inside the house. curiousmay9 says she has some outside tasks to add. I need to add in some seasonal items, like holiday preparations.

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