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Things have been so busy for the last 10 days or so that I have to admit that I have, at most, been skimming most LJ entries. It seems that every time I do sit down at a PC, there are over 100 new posts. That’s after I left a bunch of communities! I’m thinking I may be forced to pare down my friends list. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m just trying to manage my time better, okay? If I don’t have time to read your journal there isn’t any kind of “I don’t like you” message associated. It’s just a time thing. I prefer to give my messages quite clearly and privately, alright?

So we’ve had Jackson on and off and he’s settling into a routine here. I’d just prefer to keep him settled as much as possible, as it’s much better for him. _starrgirl_ went home from the hospital today, but the twins won’t go home until tomorrow due to some jaundice.

Jackson has used the potty quite a few times today and yesterday! Yay! And going around with a bare bottom has largely cleared up his diaper rash. (Corn starch helped, too.) rasilio says they have an extra potty chair that he’ll bring over when he gets a chance. That’ll make it easier. Not giving Jackson milk also helps his congestion a lot, but I’m not sure if it’s just because he has other allergies and milk contributes to mucus production, or if he might be sensitive to the milk itself. He’s definitely eating enough cheese to get plenty of calcium that way.

“Mommying” a toddler is different. It’s more tiring and intense, but it’s rewarding. Yes, I’m still jonesing for another baby of my own. Maybe I’m not as old as I thought I was.

While Jackson napped this afternoon, Katie and I put the room divider downstairs together. Now I just have to figure out which books go on it, which go in the (still too limited) shelf space upstairs, and how to get everything better organized using what space we do have.

Katie wants a mother-daughter mall trip or something like that. While I’m feeling WAY better than a few months ago, malls are still icky places for me. I didn’t actually like them even when I worked in them (way back in high school). But maybe if we get out early on a weekday morning (after Jackson goes home!) I can last long enough to have a decent trip with her. I hate shopping. And crowds. And environments I don’t control. But hey, she’s my girl. I thought she was wanting to go to the mall with her best friend—no, she wanted Mommy. That feels sorta nice 🙂

I got my hair cut and colored this past weekend. Yes, I’m a redhead again. No pictures are available, so you’re all spared.

The light switch in our bedroom is broken. The main problem with that, really, is that we can’t get the ceiling fan on. sambear doesn’t sleep well without air moving. We have a standing fan, but with Jackson in our room, I don’t feel comfortable taking it in there.

James is coming over Sunday morning to help do the network cabling that didn’t get done last Sunday. I’m hoping the rain has passed by then. Maybe rasilio can help, too—I figure he’d know how to fix the light switch thing.

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