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Things have been so busy for the last 10 days or so that I have to admit that I have, at most, been skim­ming most LJ entries. It seems that every time I do sit down at a PC, there are over 100 new posts. That’s after I left a bunch of com­mu­ni­ties! I’m think­ing I may be forced to pare down my friends list. I don’t want to hurt any­one’s feel­ings, I’m just try­ing to man­age my time bet­ter, okay? If I don’t have time to read your jour­nal there isn’t any kind of “I don’t like you” mes­sage asso­ci­at­ed. It’s just a time thing. I pre­fer to give my mes­sages quite clear­ly and pri­vate­ly, alright?

So we’ve had Jack­son on and off and he’s set­tling into a rou­tine here. I’d just pre­fer to keep him set­tled as much as pos­si­ble, as it’s much bet­ter for him. _starrgirl_ went home from the hos­pi­tal today, but the twins won’t go home until tomor­row due to some jaundice.

Jack­son has used the pot­ty quite a few times today and yes­ter­day! Yay! And going around with a bare bot­tom has large­ly cleared up his dia­per rash. (Corn starch helped, too.) rasilio says they have an extra pot­ty chair that he’ll bring over when he gets a chance. That’ll make it eas­i­er. Not giv­ing Jack­son milk also helps his con­ges­tion a lot, but I’m not sure if it’s just because he has oth­er aller­gies and milk con­tributes to mucus pro­duc­tion, or if he might be sen­si­tive to the milk itself. He’s def­i­nite­ly eat­ing enough cheese to get plen­ty of cal­ci­um that way.

“Mom­my­ing” a tod­dler is dif­fer­ent. It’s more tir­ing and intense, but it’s reward­ing. Yes, I’m still jonesing for anoth­er baby of my own. Maybe I’m not as old as I thought I was.

While Jack­son napped this after­noon, Katie and I put the room divider down­stairs togeth­er. Now I just have to fig­ure out which books go on it, which go in the (still too lim­it­ed) shelf space upstairs, and how to get every­thing bet­ter orga­nized using what space we do have.

Katie wants a moth­er-daugh­ter mall trip or some­thing like that. While I’m feel­ing WAY bet­ter than a few months ago, malls are still icky places for me. I did­n’t actu­al­ly like them even when I worked in them (way back in high school). But maybe if we get out ear­ly on a week­day morn­ing (after Jack­son goes home!) I can last long enough to have a decent trip with her. I hate shop­ping. And crowds. And envi­ron­ments I don’t con­trol. But hey, she’s my girl. I thought she was want­i­ng to go to the mall with her best friend—no, she want­ed Mom­my. That feels sor­ta nice 🙂

I got my hair cut and col­ored this past week­end. Yes, I’m a red­head again. No pic­tures are avail­able, so you’re all spared.

The light switch in our bed­room is bro­ken. The main prob­lem with that, real­ly, is that we can’t get the ceil­ing fan on. sam­bear does­n’t sleep well with­out air mov­ing. We have a stand­ing fan, but with Jack­son in our room, I don’t feel com­fort­able tak­ing it in there.

James is com­ing over Sun­day morn­ing to help do the net­work cabling that did­n’t get done last Sun­day. I’m hop­ing the rain has passed by then. Maybe rasilio can help, too—I fig­ure he’d know how to fix the light switch thing.

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