Incredible Gift

sambear brought in a bag from the car that I hadn’t seen before—yet more of my music that Mom had unearthed. And the missing shelf peg thingies. And—I’m still in shock over this—Mama Sadie’s Baptist Hymnal. Mama Sadie was Mom’s mother, an incredible matriarch who died in 1987. Mom gave her the hymnal, with her name imprinted on the front, as a birthday gift in 1985. When Mama Sadie died, anything that had been given to her by one of her survivors was given back to that person, so Mom got it. It was the only item anybody really wanted to argue about—but, being Mom’s family and really quite peaceful, they didn’t. Many people handled it lovingly before she took it home, though, and every time the family visits my parents’ house they pick it up and look at it longingly.

And she gave it to me. With a new inscription below the one for Mama Sadie. And no preaching at all in it. I’m all teary now.

I feel stupid. I’ve just gone utterly blank on the names for anything on the piano other than the keys and the bench. I know there are hammers inside. But what do you call that thing you put down over the keys when you aren’t using it?

Anyway, Jackson figured out how to lift that thing. And he’s been having a marvelous time playing. Notably, he is not banging. It caused a little trouble for R in getting moving this morning, simply because he is also fascinated and wanted to stay and play with Jackson. R didn’t pay much attention to the piano when it got here yesterday, but I’m hoping he’ll find it interesting enough to learn to play it. And perhaps Katie will want to pick it up again—she did take three years of lessons.

Update on the twins—everybody is doing great. Due to their size, hospital policy dictated that they spend some time in NICU, but there wasn’t a medical reason for doing so. The only “problem” is getting Brynn to wake up to eats—she just wants to sleep. Camden, though, is nursing like a pro. _starrgirl_ is feeling great. We’re going over as soon as rasilio manages to get the car seat to uss—we all forgot about it in yesterday’s rush.

Now Jackson has moved on to another breakfasts—raisins and cheese. He asked for them. With words. Hey, it’s pretty healthy. And I’m all for encouraging him to talk! He even said please and thank you 🙂

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