Ulcers. Ugh.

My throat is covered in ulcers. That’s why it’s so sore. Even the outside of my neck is sore, and my ears hurt horribly. I still don’t have a voice at all. I feel like a broken mime since I don’t even know how to sign. Obviously, no filking tonight.

I’m carrying a small marker board around as my only way to communicate with the family. sambear is out running errands with Katie at the moment. The phone keeps ringing. We tried forwarding to Sam’s cell phone and for some reason that isn’t working—and, of course, I can’t call the phone company to get help. So I tried to get R to answer the phone—and he just won’t. He hates talking on the phone, except to a very few friends. And G will answer it, but she isn’t very good at communicating that way, either. It’s time for some phone etiquette lessons—past time. But it’ll have to wait until I have a voice! For now, I suppose voice mail will suffice.

At least I can send text messages to Sam’s cell phone. And when he’s at home, we can use a messaging client from one PC to another. But this is very isolating. And the critters can’t read. I didn’t realize how much I speak to them until I couldn’t. Zoë keeps looking at me as if to say, “Don’t you love me, Mommy?”

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