1.Do you like hav­ing your pic­ture tak­en? Absolute­ly not.

2.Have you ever done a pho­to­shoot, pro­fes­sion­al or non? Yep. I’ve done the Glam­our Shots thing twice, once as a present to myself (to see if it was actu­al­ly pos­si­ble to get a good pic­ture) and once at the insis­tence of my then-SOs. I’ve also been on a few TV shows if that counts.

3.If you could go any­where in the world where would you go and why? Right now? I’d love to explore the British Isles. Espe­cial­ly Ire­land and Scot­land. Because they’re fascinating.

4.Who would you take with you on this lit­tle adven­ture? Def­i­nite­ly sam­bear and Katie. I’d like to take some of our friends, as well.

5.What would you say is the most dar­ing thing to do in a life­time? Hmm. Hav­ing kids is tough if you do it con­scious­ly, because as one per­son said “you have a piece of your heart walk­ing around out­side you forever.”

6.Would you ever do that? Yep, I did it. I’d do it again.

7.Have you ever done cross­word puz­zles? Yes, though nev­er on a reg­u­lar basis.

8.Ever actu­al­ly com­plet­ed one? Yes.

9.Pick up the clos­est book and write a sen­tence at ran­dom from it. First remove from the body those organs which putre­fy most rapid­ly: the brain and vis­cera (stom­ach, intestines, lungs, liv­er, etc.).( From the “How to make a mum­my” sec­tion of How to Hold a Croc­o­dile.)

10.Do the same with a lyric from either a cd or the radio.
Where the air is bare­ly real on our feath­er tips of steel,
Spread­ing wings of wind and fire in anoth­er kind of flight
The earth that bred and bore us like a jew­el hangs before us,
As we chal­lenge more than fifty mil­lion miles of sun­lit night.
“Wings of Human Knowl­edge” from the Echo’s Chil­dren CD A Danc­ing World

11.Have you ever tried to ana­lyze your own dreams? I try to avoid think­ing about most of them, but occa­sion­al­ly I’ll take one as a warn­ing and act on it.

12.Would you put up posters in your room? In my room? Bed­room, liv­ing room, what? There are some hang­ing in frames, but I’m a lit­tle old for sim­ply tack­ing some­thing on the wall.

13.Can you sing? Yep. I’m tech­ni­cal­ly a dra­mat­ic sopra­no but I can sing down to most of the con­tral­to range fair­ly comfortably.

14.Do you ever sing to your­self while doing every­day tasks? Yes.

15.What’s your favorite col­or of post-it note? I don’t have one.

16.How many cas­sette tapes do you own? Um. There are some books on tape and some music cas­settes that I haven’t replaced with CDs. 30? 40? I’m not sure.

17.How many CDs do you own? Sev­er­al hun­dred, I guess.

18.Ever bought a CD for just one song? Yes. I bought Janis Siegel’s first solo CD because I hap­pened to hear part of “Small Day Tomor­row” somewhere.

19.What would your per­fect day con­sist of? Had one recent­ly. Sleep­ing late with nowhere to be at any par­tic­u­lar time. Wak­ing up snug­gled up to sam­bear. Good sex. Good food. Fun time with Katie. Gam­ing. Suc­cess­ful geek­ing. More good food, snug­gling, and sex. Mak­ing music with cool people.

20.Have you ever lied to get off the phone or out of talk­ing to some­one online? Yes.

21.Have you ever writ­ten a sur­vey? Nope.

22.How about a song? Not yet.

23.Or maybe a poem? Yes.

24.Is your VCR flash­ing 12:00 all the time? No. The microwave usu­al­ly does, though, because it los­es its time if the pow­er line thinks about maybe blinking.

25.Do you read your horo­scope? Not generally.

26.If so, do you base your day on it? Nope.

27.Would you rather chew gum or use mouth­wash and why? Mouth­wash. Gum makes my teeth hurt.

28.Do you floss? Sometimes.

29.Are you addict­ed to Nap­ster like me? Does Nap­ster still work? I don’t think so. But it got me hooked and now I use WinMX.

30.How many times a year are you sick? I’m always sick due to chron­ic illness.

31.Ever been in an air­plane? Yes.

32.If so where were you fly­ing to? New York the last time. Before that, hmm, Chica­go, LA, Dal­las, Boston, London.

33.What radio sta­tion to you lis­ten to most? WABE

34.What col­or are your shoes? I’m bare­foot most of the time. My favorite san­dals were orig­i­nal­ly white. They’re pret­ty dingy right now.

35.Was fuzzy-wuzzy a bear? I have no response to that.

36.Do you know how to play domi­nos? No.

37.Or do you think I just mean piz­za by that? I don’t like Domi­no’s pizza.

38.Speaking of piz­za, what’s your favorite kind? Extra cheese, Ital­ian sausage, and mushrooms.

39.What col­or are your eyes? Green. They look blue if I ever get a tan (not that it will ever hap­pen again with Mr. Sun­screen Nazi in my life).

40.How many sur­veys have you filled out this life­time? I dunno.

41.Describe your bed­room, includ­ing all details. Rea­son­ably neat at the moment. Queen-sized bed (we need a king-sized one). Dress­er. Chest of drawers—the top of that is our main altar. Two oth­er mis­cel­la­neous draw­er thin­gies are full of craft stuff. Hope chest. Book­case. Night­stand. Jew­el­ry chest. Desk. Sewing machine. sam­bear’s gui­tar on its lit­tle stand thingy. Clut­ter, although much less than there was last week. Door lead­ing into the bath­room, anoth­er door lead­ing into the closet.

42.Name one per­son your life is made bet­ter by. sam­bear

43.Would you or have you ever shaven your head? No, haven’t and wouldn’t.

44.How about some­one else’s? No.

45.Can you do math with ease? Depends on the math. Basic stuff, yes.

46.What size is your com­put­er screen? This PC has a 17″ mon­i­tor. “My” mon­i­tor is 21″ but I don’t get to use it often right now.

47.If you could only talk to one per­son online who would that be? Um, I most­ly just talk to sam­bear online any­way. There are two oth­er peo­ple I’ve been speak­ing with late­ly, though.

48.Name your favorite type of music and why. Folk. Sounds com­fort­able, I can sing most of it pret­ty well, it’s most­ly acoustic and fair­ly melod­ic, often has nice har­monies and I have had this har­mo­ny bug lately.

49.Are you a veg­e­tar­i­an? No.

50.How about an aspir­ing actor/actress? No.

51.What famous per­son dead or alive would you inter­view if you had the chance? Um. Hmm. I’m not much into talk­ing to famous peo­ple. I fig­ure I’d be dis­il­lu­sioned by most of them if I ever actu­al­ly met them.

52.Which movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors? Most of Mon­ty Python’s Holy Grail.

53.Name one of your pas­sions in life. Parenting.

54.What’s your least favorite time of day? Ear­ly morn­ing. I usu­al­ly have a hor­ri­ble headache.

55.Who’s your favorite mem­ber in a band, singer, gui­tar, bass, drum­mer, and why? Favorite? I’m sup­posed to have a favorite? I had no idea.

56.Do you use hair­spray or gel? Usu­al­ly, nei­ther one. I think I have some of both.

57.Describe your favorite meal. Fet­tucine chick­en alfre­do with real­ly good bread.

58.What col­or is the inside of your head when you close your eyes? Dark red, almost black, with yel­low spots float­ing around.

59.Ever lis­ten to clas­si­cal music? Yes.

60.Have you ever said lol in real life with­out think­ing about it? No.

61.Do you find you use inter­net lan­guage when writ­ing notes IRL? No.

62.What songs would be on your ide­al CD? I could­n’t have one ide­al CD. I need dif­fer­ent ones for dif­fer­ent moods.

63.Say one thing you’ve learned today? This is a LONG survey.

64.What is the best present you’ve ever giv­en some­one else? I guess that would depend on the per­son, would­n’t it? But the expres­sion on Dad­dy’s face when I gave him the big Marine Corps logo I’d stitched for him was price­less, and it is one of his most prized possessions.

65.What is the best present some­one else has ever giv­en to you? My first hus­band sur­prised me with a com­plete set of all the DMC floss col­ors I did­n’t have yet for Christ­mas back in 1985.

66.So hey, what’s your full name? Cyn­thia Lynn Armis­tead Smath­ers is my legal name at the moment. The dan­ged name change did­n’t get done right in the divorce.

67.Describe your­self while drunk. Relaxed, much more com­fort­able with things like singing in front of peo­ple and flirting.

68.How big are the win­dows in your house? Com­pared to what? There are nev­er enough win­dows. I like light.

69.Do you wear a watch? Yes.

70.What’s the kinki­est thing you’ve ever done with some­one else? I don’t kiss and tell in LiveJournal.

71.What’s the largest age dif­fer­ence between you and some­one you’ve dat­ed? My third hus­band was 20 years old­er than me. I think one per­son I went out with a few times was about 25 years old­er than me.

72.How many mir­rors do you have? In the house? Lessee, one in each of three bath­rooms. One in our bed­room. One in Katie’s bed­room. One in my purse. One in the make­up case when it’s in my purse. Do com­pacts (pow­der) count?

73.Write one sen­tence stat­ing what you want peo­ple to say about you after you’ve passed on. “She left the world a bet­ter place for hav­ing been here” maybe. I’ve nev­er thought about that.

74.Have you ever sailed? No. I’d like to try it, though.

75.How fast can you run? HA! I don’t run. I turn around and get grumpy.

76.What do you believe in? Fam­i­ly and friends. Per­son­al responsibility.

77.How long does it take you to get ready to go out? How ready? Going out to just run errands, maybe 30 min­utes if I haven’t show­ered yet. To get gussied up? An hour or so.

78.Do you show­er dai­ly? If not how often? Yes.

79.What one thing would you change in your life if you had the pow­er to do so? I would­n’t have mar­ried the first hus­band, which would mean I would­n’t have dropped out of col­lege giv­ing up that full scholarship.

80.Describe the ide­al super­pow­er and what you would do if you had it. Um. Healing.

81.Are can­dles roman­tic or a fire haz­ard? Yes.

82.Name some­thing you’ve done in the last 24hrs no mat­ter how big or small. Ironed, cleaned house, hung pic­tures, sang, played the piano, gamed.

83.Do you wear neck­laces, bracelets, anklets, ear­rings, rings? There’s one bracelet I nev­er take off. I occa­sion­al­ly wear ear­rings, a ring, and a necklace.

84.What col­ors are you wear­ing right now? A tie-dyed sor­ta shirt with blues, pinks, and pur­ples in it.

85.How often do you change the sheets on your bed? Week­ly. All the sheets in the house are changed weekly.

86.Have you ever got­ten lost? Yes. If I’m not in a hur­ry, it’s a great way to find neat places.

87.What’s on your com­put­er desk? I don’t have a desk of my very own—we share the sur­faces the com­put­ers are on. I need my own desk again. But this par­tic­u­lar one has a pic­ture I haven’t hung yet, an FM radio card I might install, some RPG and Girl Scout print­outs, my cof­fee cup sit­ting on a coast­er, a CD case and the insert from it, a stack of CD blanks, two speak­ers, the Far Side page-a-day cal­en­dar, and a box of tissues.

88.How many fold­ers are on your desk­top at the present moment? None. Okay, there’s a short­cut to My Documents.

89.When you’re talk­ing do you ever use your hands to do quo­ta­tion marks in the air when say­ing cer­tain words? No. Ick.

90.Which land­mark would you climb if you could? I haven’t ever con­sid­ered that.

91.Do you own or have you read, or thought of read­ing any self-help books? Yes. Not in a few years, though.

92.Ever seri­ous­ly ques­tioned your san­i­ty? Yes.

93.Can you break­dance? I’ve nev­er tried, but I real­ly doubt that I could.

94.What’s in your fridge right now? Chi­nese left­overs, sand­wich fix­ins, gen­er­al sta­ple stuff.

95.How many peo­ple do you live with? Four.

96.Have you or would you ever do any­thing more than kiss in a pub­lic area? TMI

97.What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done? That depends entire­ly on who is asking.

98.Name an instru­ment you’ve nev­er played but would like to. Gui­tar. Maybe harp.

99.Have you ever been on tv or the radio? Yes. Both.

100.What is the worst thing any­one could ever do to you? Harm my child.

101.Are you a fast typer? Yes.

102.How high have you count­ed before get­ting bored? I get bored just think­ing about that.

103.Describe how you sleep. Usu­al­ly spooned with sam­bear

104.Are you straight, bi, gay? Most­ly straight, a lit­tle bi.

105.Do you ever do some­thing else while on the com­put­er? Yes. I car­ry on con­ver­sa­tions in per­son and on the phone, sing, lis­ten to music, eat, etc.

106.What is the most expen­sive item you own? My car.

107.How about the least expen­sive? Con­sum­able or non-con­sum­able? Prob­a­bly some­thing like thumb­tacks or bak­ing soda.

108.What’s your favorite card game to play? I don’t like any card games.

109.What do you do online? Email. Use a mes­sag­ing client some­times, but not much. Read the news. Read LJ. Use Win­MX. Main­tain sev­er­al web­sites. Read and post to Usenet, although not as much as I used to.

110.Name some stores you’ve bought clothes in before. I hate shop­ping. Espe­cial­ly for cloth­ing. But Lane Bryant, The Avenue, Sil­ver Lin­ing, Refin­ery Plus, Rich’s, Macy’s, Penney’s.

111.Have you ever read a book and not under­stood it? No.

112.Have you ever watched a movie and not under­stood it? No.

113.Do peo­ple pick up your slang lan­guage more than you pick up theirs? I dunno.

114.Are you eas­i­ly influ­enced by oth­er peo­ple or cur­rent trends? I don’t think so.

115.What makes you unique in your own opin­ion? I don’t know that either.

116.Name your worst qual­i­ty. Hmm. Dis­or­ga­ni­za­tion, maybe.

117.Name your best. Honesty.

118.What would you like to do with your life? Raise our kids to be good peo­ple, enjoy my friends and family.

119.Do you blowdry your hair? Nope.

120.How many clocks are in your house? Lots.

121.Are they all set on the same time? I try, but they drift.

122.Have you ever inten­tion­al­ly set a clock ahead or behind the actu­al time? Yes, but the set­ting-ahead thing did­n’t work for me so I stopped doing it.

123.What do you think about when you first wake up in the morn­ing? Where are the kids and what are they doing?

124.Which brows­er do you use? Most­ly IE now. If I’m test­ing a site, I’ll use Opera and Netscape too. I have been known to use Lynx.

125.Do you bite your nails? Nope.

126.Would you ever leave lit­tle notes to your gf/bf? Yes.

127.Ever been to a farm? Yes. My par­ents made us work in gar­dens and such as kids. We even raised our own steer once (for beef).

128.Tell me about your dream last night. Well, um, one of them involved being held hostage by a gun-wield­ing nut at Wal­mart. At least it was less vio­lent than most of the night­mares I’ve had lately—I don’t recall any­one actu­al­ly being killed.

129.Ever seen a shoot­ing star? Yes.

130.Say one thing about your­self you’ve nev­er told any­one. Now if I haven’t told any­one, why would I tell the world via LiveJournal?

131.Do your days fly by or seem to last for­ev­er? They fly by for the most part.

132.Have you ever stayed in a fan­cy high-class rich hotel? Yes.

133.Have you ever stayed in a rent-by-the-hour motel? Nope.

134.What in your opin­ion is the best adver­tis­ing slo­gan out there? This would require famil­iar­i­ty with adver­tis­ing slo­gans, yes?

135.When they start send­ing rock­ets to the moon for us civil­ians, will you be on the list? Yes. But I think I’d have to lose a lot of weight first.


137.Have you ever writ­ten any­thing on your skin? Not that I remem­ber, no.

138.If so what?

139.Which web­site do you fre­quent most often? Live­jour­nal, I guess.

140.What col­or are most of your clothes? Um. There isn’t a “most” as far as I can tell. But I like black.

141.Do you own any plants? Yep. I haven’t man­aged to kill the pineap­ple, the aloe, or the two pots of what I think are gold­en pothos. The pothos (orig­i­nal­ly in one pot) is old­er than Katie—about 15, I guess.

142.Are things as bad as they seem? That depends, does­n’t it?

143.Describe the nicest thing any­one has ever done for you. Recent­ly? My par­ents gave me their piano. But sam­bear pam­pers me dai­ly, and he’s been more con­sis­tent­ly nice to me than any­one else in my life.

144.Ever looked direct­ly at the sun? I don’t think so.

145.Have you ever made a pin­hole cam­era to watch the eclipse? Yep.

146.What’s your favorite cere­al? Mueslix.

147.Who do you miss? Katie’s father at times. I think I most­ly miss him on her behalf, though.

148.Name some­thing you just can’t for­get no mat­ter how hard you try: Nasty child­hood sex­u­al abuse stuff.

149.Describe the worst fight you’ve ever been in whether phys­i­cal or ver­bal. Phys­i­cal­ly? An idiot tried to rape me when I was 16 in Paris. I went berserk, dam­aged him, and ran away.

150.Say some­thing else about your­self you’ve nev­er told any­one before. Again—why would I tell that here if I would­n’t say it else­where? Any­way, I think sam­bear knows all things worth know­ing about me.

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Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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