Another Party!

Happy Anniversary, goddessinga and greyknight!

We’re home, having had a lovely evening of good conversation at the PolySoutheast holiday potluck. arrowstar (who doesn’t EVER post here) and her husband Wolf hosted it, and it was marvelous.

As usual, there was simply no way to really get to talk to all of the lovely people who were there, and we missed those who weren’t there. I don’t believe most of the people I met tonight are on LJ, either. I saw rloveking for the second time in two nights—very unusual 🙂 We got to see Ron, Mark, Rachel, Leslie, and of course arrowstar, and Acorn, who I met last week at the Vulgar Pajama Party. I finally got to put faces to Alex and Monica’s names—they’ve been on the PSE list for a couple of years now, at least. Wolf tells me we’ve known each other online since 1999, and this was the first time I’ve met him in person. Lessee, um, I met Tyree, Peter and Marchelle (sp?), Bindhi, and Steve. I hope his name is Steve—I didn’t get really get to speak to him (although his leather jacket is way seductively soft—I mean dangerously so).

isarma and jupitercornwall didn’t make it due to child care issues. naesa, normal, and sisterfish125 didn’t get there, either—it is a much longer way from Athens to Smyrna than it was for us to get there. I missed all of you, though!

Y’all missed a decent discussion and lots of good smaller conversations. There’s talk of starting regular gatherings every two weeks—apparently, Acorn is willing to step up to set things up, as Wolf has been doing. That’s wonderful! I have to wonder what people would like—more public meetings, like the ones at JavaMonkey? More gatherings at homes? Events where we go do things? (I think bowling was mentioned by someone.)

Knowing that arrowstar and Wolf are both musicians, I was sorta hoping that music would happen. It didn’t, but I imagine it will another time.

Two parties in two nights are exceedingly unusual for me. This introvert is now crawling into bed!

Oh—I had the oddest phone message when I got home from Sean, who had been told that I wanted him to call me right away. But I didn’t call him, so I have to wonder if he was supposed to call someone else right away and she’s wondering if she was forgotten.

Apparently, the PSE list and website may be a bit wonky soon, as they are on a server that’s served by Telocity, and that ISP is going away. The server’s owners are seeking new connectivity, but there’s a possibility of an interruption.

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