I Made It!

I actu­al­ly func­tioned for a day on my own, nobody dri­ving me around or any­thing. With­out tak­ing a sec­ond dose of Provig­il. Well, I need­ed one, but for­got to take it ear­ly enough that it would­n’t keep me up all night. 

I’m hurt­ing bad­ly because I won’t take my stronger pain meds if I’m going to be dri­ving. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the stress of dri­ving and just being out and about makes me need them more. It’s one of those Catch-22 situations.

On the hap­py side, I got through both my class­es. I’m real­ly enjoy­ing them, thanks to the pro­fes­sor. He’s great—and cute. So there’s hap­pi­ness! The first class, “Busi­ness Com­mu­ni­ca­tions,” is some­thing I real­ly should have been able to comp some­how based on life expe­ri­ence. If I’m going to have to sit through learn­ing to write busi­ness let­ters, at least I have eye can­dy. Eye can­dy with a great sense of humor is even better.

He’s also real­ly sup­port­ive of the whole dis­abil­i­ty thing. He looked some­what shocked when I hand­ed him the let­ter. I’m curi­ous about that, but it’s unlike­ly that I’ll ask about it. He was very sweet, though.

I got some errands run, but one of the rea­sons I’m hurt­ing so much is that Sam’s Club had no scoot­ers avail­able. I need­ed to pick up a cou­ple of pre­scrip­tions there, and they said it would just be 20 min­utes. They did­n’t have a place to sit down, so I elect­ed to wan­der slow­ly, with a bug­gy for sup­port. It took more like an hour. Com­bined with exhaus­tion from dri­ving and just being around so many peo­ple, it was too much. I expect a crash tomor­row, though I hope it does­n’t happen.

One of those extro­vert­ed-intro­vert things: I’m all charged up after good class­es. I feel like danc­ing, and don’t want them to end. (Hmm—I won­der if pro­vid­ing hor­ri­bly uncom­fort­able seat­ing is actu­al­ly a delib­er­ate act on the school’s part? Because NOBODY is going to spend longer than they must in those chairs.)

Lat­er, though, I crash and need alone time (or time with just my house­hold) to recharge.

sam­bear is work­ing on his nov­el. I’ve been doing noth­ing, real­ly. Sev­er­al hours of noth­ing. Well, read­ing email and LJ, tak­ing care of list mod­er­a­tion. But just being here, at home, with Sam in the room and Katie and curiousmay9 near­by, is what I need­ed. I’m home.

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