Driving the Birdies to the Ark

The hatchlings are in the capable hands of Ms. Jama at http://www.noahs-ark.org/. They were a little chilled by the time we arrived (I couldn’t figure out a way to power the heating pad in the car) but alive and healthy.

I had no idea it’s such an extensive place, and wish we’d planned time to wander around all the habitat trails. I’m going to suggest it as a possible field trip for our homeschooling group and Girl Scout troop, but whatever else happens our family will definitely visit again.

I nearly drove past it. Then I noticed the ostrich standing next to the road. They need a bigger sign, but ostriches and emus are definitely attention-getters.

I’m very, very tired though. Alluna (my car) is very pleasant to drive, but I’m out of practice with dealing with traffic. And I really didn’t hit anything messy, there were just a lot of vehicles between us and home.

Picked up a prescription
Returned a library book
Found that the library couldn’t find the book that their computer system said was there somewhere on hold for me
Returned somebody else’s clothing that the dry cleaner had given us by mistake
Stripped the bed and washed the sheets & the quilts
Cleaned the kitchen and other areas around the house
Almost finished with the rebuild of the last PC for the playroom

Can I quit now? I’m tired. I had to deal with too many people outside the house today. And I don’t have gaming to look forward to tonight. (pout)

Oh, no, still have to figure out that weird printer error.

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