Driving the Birdies to the Ark

The hatch­lings are in the capa­ble hands of Ms. Jama at http://www.noahs-ark.org/. They were a lit­tle chilled by the time we arrived (I could­n’t fig­ure out a way to pow­er the heat­ing pad in the car) but alive and healthy.

I had no idea it’s such an exten­sive place, and wish we’d planned time to wan­der around all the habi­tat trails. I’m going to sug­gest it as a pos­si­ble field trip for our home­school­ing group and Girl Scout troop, but what­ev­er else hap­pens our fam­i­ly will def­i­nite­ly vis­it again.

I near­ly drove past it. Then I noticed the ostrich stand­ing next to the road. They need a big­ger sign, but ostrich­es and emus are def­i­nite­ly attention-getters.

I’m very, very tired though. Allu­na (my car) is very pleas­ant to dri­ve, but I’m out of prac­tice with deal­ing with traf­fic. And I real­ly did­n’t hit any­thing messy, there were just a lot of vehi­cles between us and home.

Picked up a prescription
Returned a library book
Found that the library could­n’t find the book that their com­put­er sys­tem said was there some­where on hold for me
Returned some­body else’s cloth­ing that the dry clean­er had giv­en us by mistake
Stripped the bed and washed the sheets & the quilts
Cleaned the kitchen and oth­er areas around the house
Almost fin­ished with the rebuild of the last PC for the playroom

Can I quit now? I’m tired. I had to deal with too many peo­ple out­side the house today. And I don’t have gam­ing to look for­ward to tonight. (pout)

Oh, no, still have to fig­ure out that weird print­er error.

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