Driving the Birdies to the Ark

The hatch­lings are in the capa­ble hands of Ms. Jama at http://www.noahs-ark.org/. They were a lit­tle chilled by the time we arrived (I could­n’t fig­ure out a way to pow­er the heat­ing pad in the car) but alive and healthy. I had no idea it’s such an exten­sive place, and wish we’d planned time to […]

New Age Overload

A sweet friend sent me an email this morn­ing with a long arti­cle by some­one named Jelaila Starr enti­tled “Weight Loss and the Ego/Inner Child.” Now, I tried, real­ly tried, to read it. All of it. But I could­n’t get past the lan­guage. Exam­ple: I con­sult­ed my guides sev­er­al times over the years about this […]

Well, There’s One Bit of Good News

The res­cued hatch­lings lived through the night. I feel bet­ter now. I’m let­ting the kids sleep in and then we’ll dri­ve down to the wildlife rehab place. The only sound oth­er than the con­stant hum of var­i­ous PCs is the bur­bling of the foun­tain. Okay, and occa­sion­al­ly the dog throw­ing her­self at the patio door in […]

Stupid Nest-Destroying Jerks

The chim­ney guys decid­ed to move the nest to a bush next to our front steps. But they weren’t very care­ful and the nest fell apart, babies hit­ting the ground 4′ below. They are still mov­ing, so the kids are try­ing to cre­ate a nest-sub­­sti­­tute in a shal­low plas­tic dish. Still no mom­ma bird.

And Then the Adult Pretties

Pret­ties! Pret­ties! http://www.moonfyredesigns.com/ (Warning—stupid intro and music you have to get past to see the pret­ties) And I was­n’t just aim­less­ly web surf­ing either, real­ly. I was check­ing out a request for a link, so there. Cur­rent Music: Moxy Fru­vous (Elise isn’t up to drow­ing out the chim­ney guys

Not a Great Beginning

The chim­ney guys arrived at 10:49. I was on the phone with the land­lord’s wife at the time, because she’d called to see if they were done yet. These guys look SO YOUNG. I mean, I would­n’t mind see­ing them pump­ing my gas or flip­ping my burgers—but they’re sup­posed to be installing some­thing that, if it […]

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