New Age Overload

A sweet friend sent me an email this morning with a long article by someone named Jelaila Starr entitled “Weight Loss and the Ego/Inner Child.” Now, I tried, really tried, to read it. All of it. But I couldn’t get past the language.

I consulted my guides several times over the years about this issue and each time they would say that weight has nothing to do with what I ate and everything to do with my emotions. “Okay,” I asked myself, “What does that mean?” They have a penchant for giving me a higher dimensional answer and then watching as I work to figure it out. (Sometimes I think they enjoy it too much.) Anyway, using the multidimensional principles they had taught me, I theorized that it meant that I must find value in the additional fat since one of their primary principles was that “everything has a value.”

I hit “guides” and “higher dimensional answer” and “multidimensional principles” and just shut down. I cannot take anything couched in that kind of language seriously. Now I realize that this is probably some sort of failing on my part, some closed-mindedness or lack of flexibility. But I don’t know that I seriously want to change it. What if it’s part of my fairly well-functioning BS filter?

The same thing happened when I tried to read Leo Buscaglia’s books many years ago. One of my friends just kept on talking about how great they were, so I did try. Really. And I never got past the first page or two. I felt like someone had transported me to some 1970s love-in and maybe I should take a toke just to be sociable, and then it might make sense. (I haven’t ever tried marijuana, it just seemed that this guy’s works might be more accessible under the influence.)

Oh well, it’s probably my loss.

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