Usenet Withdrawal :-(

I’m annoyed. For some reason Hamster quit working on either of the PCs I like to use, and I can’t get my usenet fix. Or I could get it if I were willing to switch to a newsreader that will handle multiple news servers, or to set up multiple copies of Agent for the three news servers I use, but I’m too stubborn. And since I pull most of the same groups from two of those servers simply to get pretty much all the articles posted to those groups, it would be a real PITA to read them in separate newsreaders, anyway.

I was running Hamster from the Windows server we had set up, but we’ve replaced that with the Linux box running Samba. And I know that there are products that will do what Hamster does, probably better, on Linux. Like Suck. But I’m definitely a Linux newbie. And every time I start reading about configuring Suck, my eyes cross and my brain wanders off to explore such vital topics as, “Should I paint my toenails?” or, “I wonder if I can reach that cobweb on the cathedral ceiling with the vacuum hose if I stand on the stepladder?”

And it seems that Suck can only handle one news server, too, so I think I’d need to run three instances of it. I think. I could be reading something all wrong.

Doesn’t some Linux geek want to come to my house to play? sambear will feed you, I’m sure (he likes to feed people, he’s a Cancer). I’ll do your laundry? Be adoring? We’ll game with you? Something?

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