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I’m refo­cus­ing my efforts on my goals in the ana­log world, and have put myself on an “inter­net bud­get.” As a result, I’m turn­ing over most of my online vol­un­teer work to oth­er folks.

I real­ly, real­ly need to find a web­mas­ter for the WHOA site. It does­n’t take THAT much time, just man­ag­ing the web­site and the email address­es, but lit­tle bits have added up to too much for me to do a good job.

The job open­ing is list­ed here, with a forum to use for apply­ing for it. It’s unpaid vol­un­teer work, but it’s also a good site to add to your port­fo­lio, and the pres­i­dent is great about giv­ing job references. 

This is THE sin­gle most impor­tant vol­un­teer work I do. I’m stay­ing with the orga­ni­za­tion as the Exec­u­tive Vice Pres­i­dent, but to do that I real­ly need to find a GOOD web­mas­ter. Help, please?

Thank you!

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