I Voted — Did You?

The line was­n’t near­ly as bad as that for ear­ly vot­ing last week, so I’m glad we waited. 

Things seemed to be mov­ing along quite well.

All of the poll work­ers were “church ladies”—women well over 60, most prob­a­bly over 70. That’s two gen­er­a­tions before my own. Those ladies are the back­bone of vol­un­teerism in our coun­try, and our gen­er­a­tion (even our par­ents’ gen­er­a­tion) is NOT pick­ing up the slack.

One of them was there despite seri­ous tremors that looked like Parkin­son’s to me.

I’m very concerned.

I do vol­un­teer work, but it’s online because that’s the only thing I can do reli­ably. I want to do more in per­son, and will when my health improves.

There aren’t enough Scout lead­ers. There aren’t “clin­ic ladies” in our schools, because they were all moth­ers who vol­un­teered to be there. I don’t know when I last heard of a “room moth­er” in any classroom.

Back when my broth­er was play­ing sports, there nev­er were enough par­ents vol­un­teer­ing as coach­es. That was 20 years ago, and I under­stand it’s only get­ting worse.

What are you doing?

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